Papadima, Aspasia
Παπαδήμα Ασπασία
Aspasia Papadima is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts. She has a Master’s degree in Graphic Fine Arts from the University of Kent (UK), and a BA degree in Graphic Design from T.E.I. of Athens (Greece). She taught for ten years in tertiary education in Cyprus. In the past, she worked as a graphic designer in creative and advertising agencies in Greece and as an art director in the field of advertising in Cyprus. She has been practicing graphic design as a consultant in major design assignments. Her research work has been presented and published in international conferences and her graphic and fine art work has been exhibited locally and abroad. Her research interests include typographic design, typographic rendering of the Cypriot dialect, visual language and technology, ephemeral design and vernacular typography, and urban graphic language.