ACTRIS PPP - Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Preparatory Phase Project

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ACTRIS PPP - Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Preparatory Phase Project
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ACTRIS (Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network) is a European Project aiming at integrating European ground-based stations equipped with advanced atmospheric probing instrumentation for aerosols, clouds, and short-lived gas-phase species. ACTRIS will have the essential role to support building of new knowledge as well as policy issues on climate change, air quality, and long-range transport of pollutants.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2016Assessment of lidar depolarization uncertainty by means of a polarimetric lidar simulatorAntonio, Bravo-Aranda J. ; Belegante, Livio ; Freudenthaler, Volker ; Alados-Arboledas, Lucas ; Nicolae, Doina Nicoleta ; Granados-Munõz, María José ; Luis Guerrero-Rascado, J. L. ; Amodeo, Aldo ; D'Amico, Giusseppe ; Engelmann, R. ; Pappalardo, Gelsomina ; Kokkalis, Panayotis ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Papayannis, Alexandros D. ; Navas-Guzmán, Francisco ; José Olmo, Francisco ; Wandinger, Ulla ; Amato, Francesco ; Haeffelin, Martial 
2Jul-2015EARLINET: potential operationality of a research networkSicard, M. ; Amico, G. D. ; Comerón, A. ; Mona, L. ; Alados-Arboledas, L. ; Amodeo, A. ; Baars, H. ; Baldasano, J. M. ; Belegante, L. ; Binietoglou, I. ; Bravo-Aranda, J. A. ; Fernández, A. J. ; Fréville, P. ; García-Vizcaíno, D. ; Giunta, A. ; Granados-Muñoz, M. J. ; Guerrero-Rascado, J. L. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Haefele, A. ; Hervo, M. ; Iarlori, M. ; Kokkalis, P. ; Lange, D. ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Mattis, I. ; Molero, F. ; Montoux, N. ; Muñoz, A. ; Porcar, C. Muñoz ; Navas-Guzmán, F. ; Nicolae, D. ; Nisantzi, Argyro ; Papagiannopoulos, N. ; Papayannis, A. ; Pereira, S. ; Preißler, J. ; Pujadas, M. ; Rizi, V. ; Rocadenbosch, F. ; Sellegri, K. ; Simeonov, V. ; Tsaknakis, G. ; Wagner, F. ; Pappalardo, G. 
320-Mar-2015Estimated desert-dust ice nuclei profiles from polarization lidar: Methodology and case studiesMamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Ansmann, Albert 
44-Nov-2016Extreme dust storm over the eastern Mediterranean in September 2015: Satellite, lidar, and surface observations in the Cyprus regionMamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Ansmann, Albert ; Nisantzi, Argyro ; Solomos, Stavros ; Kallos, George B. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
5Nov-2014Injection of mineral dust into the free troposphere during fire events observed with polarization lidar at Limassol, CyprusNisantzi, Argyro ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Ansmann, A. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
6Sep-2013Low Arabian dust extinction-to-backscatter ratioMamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Ansmann, A. ; Nisantzi, Argyro ; Kokkalis, Panayotis ; Schwarz, A. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
7Jun-2015Middle East versus Saharan dust extinction-to-backscatter ratiosNisantzi, Argyro ; Mamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Ansmann, A. ; Schuster, G. L. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. 
817-May-2016Potential of polarization lidar to provide profiles of CCN-and INP-relevant aerosol parametersMamouri, Rodanthi-Elisavet ; Ansmann, Albert