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Hellenic Agricultural Organization (HAO-Demeter)

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11-Jun-2023Effects of dietary pomegranate seed oil addition to diets for laying hens on fatty acid profile of eggsPappas, Athanasios C. ; Charisi, A. ; Chatziantoniou, Ch M. ; Giamouri, Elisavet ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Moschopoulos, V. ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Papadomichelakis, George ; Kotsampasi, Basiliki M. ; Mitsopoulos, Ioannis ; Tsiplakou, Eleni ; Bampidis, Vasileios A. 
21-May-2022Cultivation of Arthrospira platensis in Brewery WastewaterPapadopoulos, Konstantinos P. ; Economou, Christina N. ; Markou, Giorgos ; Nicodemou, Andonia ; Koutinas, Michalis ; Tekerlekopoulou, Athanasia G. ; Vayenas, Dimitris V. Water