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1Oct-2023The relationship of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio with health-related quality of life, depression, and disease activity in SLE: a cross-sectional studyPapachristodoulou, Eleni ; Kakoullis, Loukas ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Psarelis, Savvas ; Hajiroussos, Victor ; Parperis, Konstantinos Rheumatology international 
24-Jul-2022Eating Habits among US Firefighters and Association with Cardiometabolic OutcomesChristodoulou, Andria ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Sotos-Prieto, Mercedes ; Moffatt, Steven M. ; Kales, Stefanos N. Nutrients 
316-Dec-2020Circulating sex hormone binding globulin levels are modified with intensive lifestyle intervention, but their changes did not independently predict diabetes risk in the Diabetes Prevention ProgramAroda, Vanita R ; Christophi, Costas A. ; Edelstein, Sharon L ; Perreault, Leigh ; Kim, Catherine ; Golden, Sherita H ; Horton, Edward ; Mather, Kieren J BMJ open diabetes research & care