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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2016Model-based study of water crystallisation in food systemsLopez-Quiroga, Estefania ; Mohd Salleh, F.S. ; Fryer, Peter J. ; Bakalis, Serafim ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas 
2Aug-2016Microwave Assisted Blanching and Novel Freezing Methods of FruitsXanthakis, Epameinondas ; Kaunisto, Erik ; Duvernay, M. ; LeBail, Alain ; Ahrne, Lilia 
318-Aug-2015Freezing under electrical and magnetic disturbances; A reviewLeBail, Alain ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Havet, Michel 
4Nov-2015FREEZEWAVE- A new European project on freezing under microwaves irradiationLeBail, Alain ; Curet, Sébastien ; Havet, Michel ; Jury, Vanessa ; Rouaud, Olivier ; Sadot, Mathieu E. ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Isaksson, Sven ; Ahrne, Lilia ; Park, Τ. 
5Nov-2015FREEZEWAVE – Investigation of dielectric properties of food matrices for modelling of microwave assisted freezingIsaksson, Sven ; Kaunisto, Erik ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas ; Ahrne, Lilia 
618-Aug-2015FREEZEWAVE – Innovative and low energy microwave assisted freezing process for high quality foodsXanthakis, Epameinondas ; LeBail, Alain ; Shrestha, Marie ; Ahrne, Lilia ; Bernard, Jean-Paul 
7Nov-2016Evaluation of dry blanching and microwave assisted freezing of fruitsXanthakis, Epameinondas ; Kaunisto, Erik ; Berg, Johannes ; Isaksson, Sven ; LeBail, Alain ; Ahrne, Lilia 
812-Nov-2015COLDμWAVE ‐ Investigation of microwave blanching of vegetablesXanthakis, Epameinondas ; Kaunisto, Erik ; Isaksson, Sven ; Ahrne, Lilia