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11-Jan-2014Product innovation and cause-related marketing success: A conceptual framework and a research agendaChristofi, Michael ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Leonidou, Erasmia Marketing Intelligence and Planning 
21-Jan-2017Marketing research on mergers and acquisitions: a systematic review and future directionsChristofi, Michael ; Leonidou, Erasmia ; Vrontis, Demetris International Marketing Review 
31-Jan-2021International marketing studies in banking and finance: a comprehensive review and integrative frameworkBattisti, Enrico ; Graziano, Elvira Anna ; Leonidou, Erasmia ; Stylianou, Ioanna ; Pereira, Vijay International Marketing Review 
41-Jan-2020Intercultural service encounters: a systematic review and a conceptual framework on trust developmentVrontis, Demetris ; Leonidou, Erasmia ; Christofi, Michael ; Kaufmann Hans, Ruediger ; Kitchen, Philip J. EuroMed Journal of Business 
51-Oct-2020An integrative framework of stakeholder engagement for innovation management and entrepreneurship developmentLeonidou, Erasmia ; Christofi, Michael ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Thrassou, Alkis Journal of Business Research 
610-Aug-2015Innovation and cause-related marketing success: A conceptual framework and propositionsChristofi, Michael ; Leonidou, Erasmia ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Kitchen, Phillip ; Papasolomou, Ioanna Journal of Services Marketing 
722-May-2020Emotional intelligence and perceived negative emotions in intercultural service encounters: Building and utilizing knowledge in the banking sectorThrassou, Alkis ; Santoro, Gabriele ; Leonidou, Erasmia ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Christofi, Michael European Business Review 
8May-2017EDITORIAL: Exploring customers' experiences and perceptions in diverse organisational settings and geographical boundariesPapasolomou, Ioanna ; Christofi, Michael ; Leonidou, Erasmia Journal of Customer Behaviour 
928-Aug-2020Customer engagement through choice in cause-related marketing: A potential for global competitivenessChristofi, Michael ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Leonidou, Erasmia ; Thrassou, Alkis International Marketing Review 
101-Jan-2015Cause-related marketing, product innovation and extraordinary sustainable leadership: The root towards sustainabilityChristofi, Michael ; Leonidou, Erasmia ; Vrontis, Demetris Global Business and Economics Review 
111-Jan-2013Cause-related marketing and strategic agility: An integrated framework for gaining the competitive advantageChristofi, Michael ; Kaufmann Hans, Ruediger ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Leonidou, Erasmia World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development 
123-Dec-2020Cause-related marketing and service innovation in emerging country healthcare: Role of service flexibility and service climateKumar, Pradeep ; Singh, Sanjay Kumar ; Pereira, Vijay ; Leonidou, Erasmia International Marketing Review