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12021Residents' perceptions of the environmental and social impact of tourism in rural areasLiasidou, Sotiroula ; Stylianou, Christiana ; Berjozkina, Galina ; Garanti, Zanete Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes 
215-Aug-2022Mitigating seasonality in tourism by attracting young travellers: evidence from CyprusLiasidou, Sotiroula ; Berjozkina, Galina ; Pipyros, Kosmas Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes 
326-Oct-2021Is tourism and hospitality education supporting sustainability?Berjozkina, Galina ; Melanthiou, Yioula Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes 
418-Aug-2022Air transportation and tourism interactions and actions for competitive destinations: the case of CyprusLiasidou, Sotiroula ; Garanti, Zanete ; Pipyros, Kosmas Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes