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1Dec-2021Structural health monitoring of tendons in a multibody floating offshore wind turbine under varying environmental and operating conditionsSakaris, Christos S. ; Yang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Michailides, Constantine ; Wang, Jin ; Sakellariou, John S. ; Li, Chun Renewable Energy 
21-Feb-2023Stability of Composite Cylindrical Shells with Nonclassical Hygrothermal-Electro-Elastic Coupled LoadsNi, Yiwen ; Zhu, Shengbo ; Tong, Zhenzhen ; Xu, Xinsheng ; Zhou, Zhenhuan ; Lim, C. W. ; Wadee, Ahmer M. ; Yiatros, Stylianos Journal of Engineering Mechanics 
3Oct-2021Coupled analysis of a 10 MW multi-body floating offshore wind turbine subjected to tendon failuresYang, Yang ; Bashir, Musa ; Michailides, Constantine ; Mei, Xuan ; Wang, Jin ; Li, Chun Renewable Energy