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11-Jun-2022Sustained Competitive Advantage for Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Development: A Stakeholder Causal Scope AnalysisChristofi, Michael ; Vrontis, Demetris ; Shams, S. M. Riad ; Belyaeva, Zhanna ; Czinkota, Michael R. 
225-Oct-2022Guest editorial: Systematic literature reviews in international marketing: from the past to the future and beyondVrontis, Demetris ; Hulland, John ; Shaw, Jason D. ; Gaur, Ajai ; Czinkota, Michael R. ; Christofi, Michael 
32021Guest editorialVrontis, Demetris ; Hulland, John ; Shaw, Jason D. ; Gaur, Ajai ; Czinkota, Michael ; Christofi, Michael International Marketing Review 
41-Nov-2020Growth Options and Related Stock Market Anomalies: Profitability, Distress, Lotteryness, and VolatilityBali, Turan G. ; Del Viva, Luca ; Lambertides, Neophytos ; Trigeorgis, Lenos Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 
528-Aug-2020Cause-related marketing in international business: what works and what does not?Vrontis, Demetris ; Thrassou, Alkis ; Christofi, Michael ; Shams, S. M. Riad ; Czinkota, Michael R. International Marketing Review