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12021Towards Interoperable Blockchains: A Survey on the Role of Smart Contracts in Blockchain InteroperabilityKhan, Sajjad ; Amin, Muhammad Bilal ; Azar, Ahmad Taher ; Aslam, Sheraz IEEE Access 
2May-2020Towards efficient energy management in smart grids considering microgrids with day-ahead energy forecastingAslam, Sheraz ; Khalid, Adia ; Javaid, Nadeem Electric Power Systems Research 
3Jul-2021A survey on deep learning methods for power load and renewable energy forecasting in smart microgridsAslam, Sheraz ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Javaid, Nadeem ; Ashraf, Nouman ; Aslam, Shahzad Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 
42021Short-Term Electricity Price Forecasting by Employing Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Extreme Learning MachineKhan, Sajjad ; Aslam, Shahzad ; Mustafa, Iqra ; Aslam, Sheraz Forecasting 
52020Noise free fully homomorphic encryption scheme over non-associative algebraMustafa, Iqra ; Mustafa, Hasnain ; Azar, Ahmad Taher ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Qureshi, Muhammad Bilal ; Ashraf, Nouman IEEE Access 
6Mar-2022Multiscale modeling in smart cities: A survey on applications, current trends, and challengesKhan, Asif ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Aurangzeb, Khursheed ; Alhussein, Musaed ; Javaid, Nadeem Sustainable Cities and Society 
72020A Lightweight Post-Quantum Lattice-Based RSA for Secure CommunicationsMustafa, Iqra ; Khan, Imranullah ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Sajid, Ahthasham ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Awais, Muhammad ; Qureshi, Muhammad Bilal IEEE Access 
82021A Fair Pricing Mechanism in Smart Grids for Low Energy Consumption UsersAurangzeb, Khursheed ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Alhussein, Musaed IEEE Access 
91-Jan-2023An Enhanced Virtual Cord Protocol Based Multi-Casting Strategy for the Effective and Efficient Management of Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksLatif, Sohaib ; Fang, Xianwen ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Akber, Syed Muhammad Abrar ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Mujlid, Hana ; Ullah, Kaleem Computers 
102019Energy forecasting using multiheaded convolutional neural networks in efficient renewable energy resources equipped with energy storage systemAurangzeb, Khursheed ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Haider, Syed Irtaza ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Islam, Saif Ul ; Khattak, Hasan Ali ; Shah, Sajid Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 
111-Apr-2023An Efficient Healthcare Data Mining Approach Using Apriori Algorithm: A Case Study of Eye Disorders in Young AdultsGulzar, Kanza ; Ayoob Memon, Muhammad ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Akber, Syed Muhammad Abrar ; Nadeem, Muhammad Asghar Information (Switzerland) 
121-Feb-2023Effective and Efficient DDoS Attack Detection Using Deep Learning Algorithm, Multi-Layer PerceptronAhmed, Sheeraz ; Khan, Zahoor Ali ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Latif, Shahid ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Mujlid, Hana ; Adil, Muhammad ; Najam, Zeeshan Future Internet 
132022A Comprehensive Review of Computing Paradigms, enabling Computation Offloading and Task Execution in Vehicular NetworksWaheed, Abdul ; Shah, Munam Ali ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Khan, Abid ; Maple, Carsten ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Shamshirband, Shahab IEEE Access