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11-Jan-2000Repetitive DNA, genome and species relationships in Avena and Arrhenatherum (Poaceae)Katsiotis, Andreas ; Loukas, M. ; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. Annals of Botany 
2Oct-1998Molecular and chromosomal organization of two repetitive DNA sequences with intercalary locations in sugar beet and other Beta speciesSchmidt, T. ; Kubis, S. ; Katsiotis, Andreas ; Jung, C. ; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 
3Nov-1995Endosperm Balance Number and the polar-nuclei activation hypotheses for endosperm development in interspecific crosses of Solanaceae and Gramineae, respectivelyKatsiotis, Andreas ; Hanneman, Robert E. ; Forsberg, Robert A. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 
4Feb-1997The close relationship between the A and B genomes in Avena L. (Poaceae) determined by molecular cytogenetic analysis of total genomic, tandemly and dispersed repetitive DNA sequencesKatsiotis, Andreas ; Hagidimitriou, M. ; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. Annals of Botany 
5Apr-1996Chromosomal and genomic organization of Ty1-copia-like retrotransposon sequences in the genus AvenaKatsiotis, Andreas ; Schmidt, T. ; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. Genome