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Theoretical and Applied Genetics publishes original research and review articles in all key areas of modern plant genetics, plant genomics and plant biotechnology. All work needs to have a clear genetic component and significant impact on plant breeding. Theoretical considerations are only accepted in combination with new experimental data and/or if they indicate a relevant application in plant genetics or breeding. Emphasizing the practical, the journal focuses on research into leading crop plants and articles presenting innovative approaches.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2008The origin of the C-genome and cytoplasm of Avena polyploidsNikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Katsiotis, Andreas 
2Jun-2004Genome and species relationships in genus Avena based on RAPD and AFLP molecular markersDrossou, A. ; Katsiotis, Andreas ; Leggett, J M ; Loukas, Michael ; Tsakas, S 
3May-2002Genomic and chromosomal organization of Ty1- copia-like sequences in Olea europaea and evolutionary relationships of Olea retroelementsStergiou, G. ; Katsiotis, Andreas ; Hagidimitriou, M. ; Loukas, M. 
4Feb-1999Isozyme segregation in five apple progenies and potential use for map constructionChevreau, Elisabeth ; Gallet, Michel ; Manganaris, George A. 
5Oct-1998Molecular and chromosomal organization of two repetitive DNA sequences with intercalary locations in sugar beet and other Beta speciesSchmidt, T. ; Kubis, S. ; Katsiotis, Andreas ; Jung, C. ; Heslop-Harrison, J. S. 
6Nov-1995Endosperm Balance Number and the polar-nuclei activation hypotheses for endosperm development in interspecific crosses of Solanaceae and Gramineae, respectivelyKatsiotis, Andreas ; Hanneman, Robert E. ; Forsberg, Robert A.