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111-Nov-2021What influences people's responses to public health messages for managing risks and preventing infectious diseases? A rapid systematic review of the evidence and recommendationsGhio, Daniela ; Lawes-Wickwar, Sadie ; Tang, Mei Yee ; Epton, Tracy ; Howlett, Neil ; Jenkinson, Elizabeth ; Stanescu, Sabina ; Westbrook, Juliette ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Watson, Daniella ; Sutherland, Lisa ; Stanulewicz, Natalia ; Guest, Ella ; Scanlan, Daniel ; Carr, Natalie ; Chater, Angel ; Hotham, Sarah ; Thorneloe, Rachael ; Armitage, Christopher J. ; Arden, Madelynne ; Hart, Jo ; Byrne-Davis, Lucie ; Keyworth, Christopher BMJ open 
218-Jun-2015Training neural networks with ant colony optimization algorithms for pattern classificationMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Shengxiang Soft Computing 
31-Apr-2017A survey of swarm intelligence for dynamic optimization: Algorithms and applicationsMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Li, Changhe ; Yang, Shengxiang Swarm and Evolutionary Computation 
42-Jul-2018Route Optimization of Electric Vehicles Based on Dynamic Wireless ChargingKosmanos, Dimitrios ; Maglaras, Leandros A. ; Mavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Moschoyiannis, Sotiris ; Argyriou, Antonios ; Maglaras, Athanasios ; Janicke, Helge IEEE Access 
520-Jan-2021A Rapid Systematic Review of Public Responses to Health Messages Encouraging Vaccination against Infectious Diseases in a Pandemic or EpidemicLawes-Wickwar, Sadie ; Ghio, Daniela ; Tang, Mei Yee ; Keyworth, Chris ; Stanescu, Sabina ; Westbrook, Juliette ; Jenkinson, Elizabeth ; Kassianos, Angelos P. ; Scanlan, Daniel ; Garnett, Natalie ; Laidlaw, Lynn ; Howlett, Neil ; Carr, Natalie ; Stanulewicz, Natalia ; Guest, Ella ; Watson, Daniella ; Sutherland, Lisa ; Byrne-Davis, Lucie ; Chater, Angel ; Hart, Jo ; Armitage, Christopher J. ; Shorter, Gillian W ; Swanson, Vivien ; Epton, Tracy Vaccines 
61-Jan-2013Dynamic vehicle routing: A memetic ant colony optimization approachMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Shengxiang Studies in Computational Intelligence 
71-Jul-2017Ant Colony Optimization with Local Search for Dynamic Traveling Salesman ProblemsMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Müller, Felipe M. ; Yang, Shengxiang IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 
81-Jan-2013Ant colony optimization with immigrants schemes for the dynamic travelling salesman problem with traffic factorsMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Shengxiang Applied Soft Computing Journal 
91-Aug-2016Ant colony optimization with immigrants schemes for the dynamic railway junction rescheduling problem with multiple delaysEaton, Jayne ; Yang, Shengxiang ; Mavrovouniotis, Michalis Soft Computing 
101-Jan-2013Ant colony optimization algorithms with immigrants schemes for the dynamic travelling salesman problemMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Shengxiang Studies in Computational Intelligence 
111-Feb-2020Ant colony optimization algorithms for dynamic optimization: A case study of the dynamic travelling salesperson problem [Research Frontier]Mavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Shengxiang ; Van, Mien ; Li, Changhe ; Polycarpou, Marios M. IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine 
1210-Feb-2015Ant algorithms with immigrants schemes for the dynamic vehicle routing problemMavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Shengxiang Information Sciences 
131-Aug-2016An Adaptive Multipopulation Framework for Locating and Tracking Multiple OptimaLi, Changhe ; Nguyen, Trung Thanh ; Yang, Ming ; Mavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Shengxiang IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation 
141-May-2021Adaptive Multipopulation Evolutionary Algorithm for Contamination Source Identification in Water Distribution SystemsLi, Changhe ; Yang, Ruixia ; Zhou, Lin ; Zeng, Sanyou ; Mavrovouniotis, Michalis ; Yang, Ming ; Yang, Shengxiang ; Wu, Min Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management