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1Jun-2021Theoretical Investigation of the Deactivation of Ni Supported Catalysts for the Catalytic Deoxygenation of Palm Oil for Green Diesel ProductionHafeez, Sanaa ; Al-Salem, Sultan M. ; Papageridis, Kyriakos N. ; Charisiou, Nikolaos D. ; Goula, Maria A. ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas Catalysts 
22-Feb-2021Microbial electrolysis cells for decentralisedwastewater treatment: The next stepsFudge, Thomas ; Bulmer, Isabella ; Bowman, Kyle ; Pathmakanthan, Shangami ; Gambier, William ; Dehouche, Zahir ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Constantinou, Achilleas Water 
31-Jan-2020Identification of Commercial Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics: Study of UV Induced Degradation in an Effort to Combat Plastic Waste AccumulationAntelava, Ana ; Konstantinou, Achilleas ; Bumajdad, Ali ; Manos, George ; Dewil, Raf ; Al-Salem, S. M. Journal of Polymers and the Environment 
41-Jan-2020Fuel production using membrane reactors: a reviewHafeez, Sanaa ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Manos, George ; Konstantinou, Achilleas Environmental Chemistry Letters 
54-Mar-2021Energy Potential of Plastic Waste Valorization: A Short Comparative Assessment of Pyrolysis versus GasificationAntelava, Ana ; Jablonska, Natalia ; Constantinou, Achilleas ; Manos, George ; Salaudeen, Shakirudeen A. ; Dutta, Animesh ; Al-Salem, S. M. Energy and Fuels 
61-Mar-2021Decomposition of additive-free formic acid using a pd/c catalyst in flow: Experimental and cfd modelling studiesHafeez, Sanaa ; Sanchez, Felipe ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Villa, Alberto ; Manos, George ; Dimitratos, Nikolaos ; Constantinou, Achilleas Catalysts 
72020Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and reaction modelling study of bio-oil catalytic hydrodeoxygenation in microreactorsHafeez, Sanaa ; Aristodemou, Elsa ; Manos, George ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Konstantinou, Achilleas Reaction Chemistry & Engineering 
8Aug-2021CO2 capture using membrane contactors: a systematic literature reviewHafeez, Sanaa ; Safdar, Tayeba ; Pallari, Elena ; Manos, George ; Aristodemou, Elsa ; Zhang, Zhien ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Constantinou, Achilleas Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 
9Jul-2021Can plastic waste management be a novel solution in combating the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)? A short research noteAl-Salem, Sultan Majed ; El-Eskandarani, Mohammed Sherif ; Constantinou, Achilleas Waste Management and Research 
10May-2019Acute effects of air pollution on mortality: A 17-year analysis in KuwaitAchilleos, Souzana ; Al-Ozairi, Ebaa ; Alahmad, Barrak ; Garshick, Eric ; Neophytou, Andreas M. ; Bouhamra, Walid ; Yassin, Mohamed F ; Koutrakis, Petros Environment International