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Cyprus College

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
11-Feb-2007WAQE: A Web Application Quality Evaluation modelMavromoustakos, Stephanos ; Andreou, Andreas S. International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology 
27-Aug-2002Toward Automatic Simulation of Aging Effects on Face ImagesTaylor, Chris J. ; Cootes, Timothy F. ; Lanitis, Andreas IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 
3Jul-2006Speech patterns in Cypriot Greek late talkersPetinou, Kakia ; Okalidou, Areti 
4Jun-1997Non-linear point distribution modelling using a multi-layer perceptronSozou, Peter D. ; Cootes, Timothy F. ; Taylor, Chris J. ; Di Mauro, E. C. ; Lanitis, Andreas Image and Vision Computing 
5Apr-2000Establishing the social tourism carrying capacity for the tourist resorts of the east coast of the republic of CyprusSaveriades, Alexis Tourism Management