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11-May-2019Study on the packed volume-to-void ratio of idealized human red blood cells using a finite-discrete element methodXu, Dong ; Ji, Chunning ; Munjiza, Antonio A. ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Avital, Eldad Jitzchak ; Willams, J. 
21-Jan-2015Stenosis effects on the fluid mechanics of the common carotid artery bifurcation for unsteady flowsAntonova, N. ; Xu, D. ; Velcheva, I. ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Tosheva, P. 
32014Numerical analysis of 3D blood flow and common carotid artery hemodynamics in the carotid artery bifurcation with stenosisAntonova, N. ; Dong, X. ; Tosheva, P. ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Velcheva, I. 
426-Jul-2013Large scale simulation of red blood cell aggregation in shear flowsXu, Dong ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Munjiza, Ante ; Avital, Eldad ; Ji, Chunning ; Williams, John J.R. 
52017An Investigation on the Aggregation and Rheodynamics of Human Red Blood Cells Using High Performance ComputationsXu, Dong ; Ji, Chunning ; Avital, Eldad Jitzhak ; Kaliviotis, Efstathios ; Munjiza, Antonio A. ; Williams, John J.R. 
619-Jun-2020Effects of Spilling and Plunging Type Breaking Waves Acting on Large Monopile Offshore Wind TurbinesTang, Ye ; Shi, Wei ; Ning, Dezhi ; You, Jikun ; Michailides, Constantine