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Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food

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111-Jul-2014Seeded and Parthenocarpic Cherry Tomato Fruits Exhibit Similar Sucrose, Glucose, and Fructose Levels, Despite Dissimilarities in UGPase and SPS Gene Expression and Enzyme ActivityRounis, Vasilios ; Skarmoutsos, Konstantinos ; Tsaniklidis, Georgios ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Delis, Costas ; Karapanos, Ioannis ; Aivalakis, Georgios 
231-Dec-2013Molecular characterization and analysis of the greek citrus germplasmTripolitsiotis, Constantinos ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Linos, Athanasios A. ; Hagidimitriou, Marianna 
31-Nov-2014Low temperature storage affects the ascorbic acid metabolism of cherry tomato fruitsTsaniklidis, Georgios ; Delis, Costas ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Katinakis, Panagiotis ; Aivalakis, Georgios 
42-Jan-2015Glutamate dehydrogenase is differentially regulated in seeded and parthenocarpic tomato fruits during crop development and postharvest storageTsilikochrisos, Georgios ; Tsaniklidis, Georgios ; Delis, Costas ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Aivalakis, Georgios 
515-Aug-2014Genetic structure of the Greek olive germplasm revealed by RAPD, ISSR and SSR markersLinos, Athanasios A. ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Katsiotis, Andreas ; Hagidimitriou, Marianna 
66-Dec-2013Genetic relatedness among cultivars of the greek plum germplasmAthanasiadis, Ioannis ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Hagidimitriou, Marianna 
71-Mar-2016Gene transcript accumulation and enzyme activity of β-amylases suggest involvement in the starch depletion during the ripening of cherry tomatoesMaria, Thanou ; Tsaniklidis, Georgios ; Delis, Costas ; Nikolopoulou, Aimilia Eleni ; Nikoloudakis, Nikolaos ; Karapanos, Ioannis ; Aivalakis, Georgios