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1Aug-2009Quantitative impact testing of energy dissipation at surfacesConstantinides, Georgios ; Tweedie, Catherine A. ; Savva, Nikos ; Smith, James Fielding ; Vliet, Krystyn J. Van 
2Aug-2008Quantifying deformation and energy dissipation of polymeric surfaces under localized impactConstantinides, Georgios ; Tweedie, Catherine A. ; Holbrook, Doria M. ; Barragan, Patrick ; Smith, James F. ; Vliet, Krystyn J. Van 
32008Probing mechanical properties of fully hydrated gels and biological tissuesConstantinides, Georgios ; Kalcioglua, Z. Ilke ; McFarlanda, Meredith ; Smithc, James F. ; Vliet, Krystyn J. Van