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11-Apr-2011Use of field spectroscopy for exploring the impact of atmospheric effects on landsat 5 TM/7 ETM+ satellite images intended for hydrological purposes in CyprusPapadavid, George ; Perdikou, Paraskevi N. ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. GIScience and Remote Sensing 
21-Mar-2016Spatial variability of fine and coarse particle composition and sources in CyprusAchilleos, Souzana ; Wolfson, Jack M. ; Ferguson, Stephen ; Kang, Choongmin ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Hadjicharalambous, Marios ; Achilleos, Constantia ; Christodoulou, Andri ; Nisantzi, Argyro ; Papoutsa, Christiana ; Themistocleous, Kyriacos ; Athanasatos, Spyros ; Perdikou, Paraskevi N. ; Koutrakis, Petros Atmospheric Research 
320-Feb-2013Particulate matter concentrations during desert dust outbreaks and daily mortality in Nicosia, CyprusNeophytou, Andreas M. ; Yiallouros, Panayiotis K. ; Kleanthous, Savvas ; Pavlou, Pavlos ; Pashiardis, Stelios ; Dockery, Douglas W. ; Laden, Francine ; Koutrakis, Petros ; Coull, Brent A. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 
41-May-2013A Modified SEBAL Modeling Approach for Estimating Crop Evapotranspiration in Semi-arid ConditionsPapadavid, George ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Toulios, Leonidas ; Michaelides, Silas Water Resources Management 
5Apr-2014Heat island effect for Nicosia, CyprusTheophilou, Marios ; Serghides, Despina Kyprianou Advances in Building Energy Research 
62011Estimation of spatio-temporal distribution of precipitable water using modis and avhrr data: a case study for CyprusHadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Mitraka, Zedd ; Gazani, I. ; Retalis, Adrianos ; Chrysoulakis, Nektarios ; Michaelides, Silas Advances in Geosciences 
7Jul-2011Effect of climate variability and climate change on crop production and water resources in CyprusBruggeman, Adriana ; Zoumides, Christos ; Pashiardis, Stelios ; Hadjinicolaou, Panos ; Lange, Manfred A. ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
82-Nov-2009Brief communication; "The integration of remote sensing and meteorological data for monitoring irrigation demand in Cyprus"Papadavid, George ; Agapiou, Athos ; Michaelides, Silas ; Hadjimitsis, Diofantos G. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences