Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts

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Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts
Vision and Objectives Our vision is to establish the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts as a leading educational and research centre in the disciplines of Multimedia and the Graphic Arts. Our aim is to develop and disseminate cross discipline academic values and knowledge that will provide the necessary background for successful professionals in the areas of Multimedia and the Graphic Arts. More specifically, the aims of the Department are: To attract high calibre students and academics. To offer high quality undergraduate and postgraduate academic experience and professional development to both local and international students, including, European Union students. To undertake and complete high calibre research projects. Through research and teaching activities, to establish links with national and internationally established centres, which are active in the areas of Multimedia and the Graphic Arts. To offer students the most up-to-date academic training. To facilitate and encourage student and Academic and Teaching Staff mobility, especially, in the European academic and research environment. To provide the foundations for the promotion of lifelong education. Multimedia and Graphic Arts graduates will acquire the necessary academic background that will enable them to: Design and manage projects that include the use of both conventional and digital Graphic Arts and of Multimedia, in general. Such projects will involve applications in different disciplines, such as, Education, Advertising, Marketing, the arts and information dissemination. Establish life-long relations and cooperation with industry representatives, for the mutual benefit of both parties. Be able to operate satisfactorily within both the local and the international environment, and to gain the ability to be aware of, absorb, and capitalise on the technological developments in the discipline. Be able to participate in and/or manage team projects.

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1Mar-201710'Alexandrou, Eleana ; Korae, Eva 
2Oct-201721st century European flagZantides, Evripides 
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5Nov-201032 Posters Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion catalogueMouzouropoulos, Theseas 
620113D reconstruction of urban areasPoullis, Charalambos 
7Apr-2016A 3D virtual environment for training teachers to identify bullyingStavroulia, Kalliopi Evangelia ; Ruiz-Harisiou, Antri ; Manouchou, Elena ; Georgiou, Kyriakos ; Sella, Francesca ; Lanitis, Andreas 
8Jul-20115th United Designs BiennaleKorae, Eva 
91-Sep-2013The 6th United Designs Biennial International Design CatalogueMouzouropoulos, Theseas 
10Oct-2010About SIdeWalksKorae, Eva ; Alexandrou, Eleana ; Marcoulides, Arianna 
112016Access DeniedPanayides, Angelos 
122011Accessibility of Cypriot University websites in CyprusMavrou, Katerina ; Zaphiris, Panayiotis ; Michailidou, Eleni 
132006Accessible websites for people with dementia: a preliminary investigation into information architectureZaphiris, Panayiotis ; Savitch, Nada 
141-Dec-2012An Action Research Project on The Use of Facebook in an Undergraduate Visual Communication Study UnitSouleles, Nicos 
151-Apr-2018Ad-Hoc Æsthetics: Context-Dependent Composition strategies in Music and Sound ArtKoutsomichalis, Marinos 
16Nov-2011ADC*E The Annual Of Annuals 2011 Best Of European Design & Advertising AwardsMouzouropoulos, Theseas 
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