Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Science

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Department of Finance, Accounting and Management Science
Through its program of studies, the department aims to develop and prepare future firm and industry leaders in the fields of financial economics, and shipping. The main target of the department is to offer high quality education that responds to international standards and to constitute an international center of academic and research excellence. The department fulfills its mission by developing multidimensional research activities and collaborations. The attraction of highly qualified students together with the highly competitive curriculum which combines scientific knowledge and practical application contribute and ensure the achievement of the main vision of the department. The department is comprised of highly qualified and internationally recognized academic and teaching staff members who collectively contribute to the quality of the education provided using modern teaching methods. The academic staff of the department is actively involved in international research projects while maintaining close relationships and collaborations with national academic institutions and universities abroad, as well. Moreover, the department aims to develop strong ties with the business world and various governmental services both at local and regional level. The interactions with the business community provides the department with valuable information as far as the quality of the future graduates and further important job opportunities for the students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real working environment.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2021Advances of Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta), 1st issueColubi, Ana ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
2Oct-2021Advances of Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta), 2nd issueColubi, Ana ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
32017After which threshold do anthropogenic greenhouse gasemissions have an effect on global temperature?Michail, Nektarios A. ; Savva, Christos S. ; Zachariadis, Theodoros ; Koursaros, Demetris 
41-Jan-2023Agency Cost of Debt and Inside Debt: The Role of CEO OverconfidenceGalariotis, Emilios ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Petmezas, Dimitris ; Wang, Shuhui 
512-May-2022Algorithmic trading and corporate innovation: Evidence from the Tick Size PilotBilinski, Pawel ; Karamanou, Irene ; Panayides, Marios ; Kopita, Anastasia 
624-May-2023Algorithmic trading and corporate investmentsKopita, Anastasia ; Bilinski, Pawel ; Panayides, Marios ; Karamanou, Irene 
7Jul-2013Alternative bankruptcy prediction models using option-pricing theoryCharitou, Andreas ; Dionysiou, Dionysia ; Lambertides, Neophytos ; Trigeorgis, Lenos 
8Jan-2022An alternative numerical method for estimating large-scale time-varying parameter seemingly unrelated regressions modelsHadjiantoni, Stella ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
92012The Annals of Computational and Financial Econometrics, first issueZeileis, Achim ; Van Dijk, Herman K. ; Bauwens, Luc ; Belsley, David A. ; Koopman, Siem Jan ; Mcaleer, Michael ; Amendola, Alessandra ; Billio, Monica ; Croux, Christophe ; Chen, Cathy Woan Shu ; Davidson, Russell M. ; Duchesne, Pierre ; Foschi, Paolo ; Francq, Christian ; Fuertes, Ana Maria ; Koop, Gary M. ; Khalaf, Lynda ; Paolella, Marc S. ; Pollock, D. S G ; Ruiz, Esther ; Paap, Richard ; Proietti, Tommaso ; Winker, Peter ; Yu, Philip ; Zakoïan, Jean Michel ; Kontoghiorghes, Erricos John 
1011-Jun-2019Anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations and global temperature: a smooth transition analysisMichail, Nektarios A. ; Savva, Christos S. ; Koursaros, Demetris ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
1130-Apr-2019Appraisal of shipping investment projects using real optionsAndreou, Christoforos K. ; Panayides, Photis ; Lambertides, Neophytos 
122021Are central banks to blame? Monetary policy and bank lending behaviorMichail, Nektarios A. ; Savva, Christos S. ; Koursaros, Demetris 
13Dec-2011Are there still portfolio diversification benefits in Eastern Europe? Aggregate versus sectoral stock market dataAslanidis, Nektarios ; Savva, Christos S. 
141-Apr-2014Assessing the performance of symmetric and asymmetric implied volatility functionsAndreou, Panayiotis ; Charalambous, Chris ; Martzoukos, Spiros H. 
15Jun-2021Asymmetric returns and the economic content of accruals and investmentDel Viva, Luca ; Kothari, S. P. ; Lambertides, Neophytos ; Trigeorgis, Lenos 
1620-Dec-2021Asymmetry in Inflation Persistence under Inflation TargetingKoursaros, Demetris 
171-Jan-2016Bank Liquidity Creation and Risk-Taking: Does Managerial Ability Matter?Andreou, Panayiotis ; Philip, Dennis ; Robejsek, Peter 
181-Sep-2017Bank loan loss accounting treatments, credit cycles and crash riskAndreou, Panayiotis ; Cooper, Ian ; Louca, Christodoulos ; Philip, Dennis 
19May-2020Banks’ equity performance and the term structure of interest ratesElyasiani, Elyas ; Hasan, Iftekhar ; Kalotychou, Elena ; Pouliasis, Panos K. ; Staikouras, Sotiris K. 
20Mar-2020Board diversity reforms: Do they matter for EU bank performance?Arnaboldi, Francesca ; Casu, Barbara ; Kalotychou, Elena ; Sarkisyan, Anna