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Frontiers is fully compliant with open access mandates, by publishing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY).
Frontiers in Earth Science is an open-access journal that aims to bring together and publish on a single platform the best research dedicated to our planet.

This platform hosts the rapidly growing and continuously expanding domains in Earth Science, involving the lithosphere (including the geosciences spectrum), the hydrosphere (including marine geosciences and hydrology, complementing the existing Frontiers journal on Marine Science) and the atmosphere (including meteorology and climatology). As such, Frontiers in Earth Science focuses on the countless processes operating within and among the major spheres constituting our planet. In turn, the understanding of these processes provides the theoretical background to better use the available resources and to face the major environmental challenges (including earthquakes, tsunamis, eruptions, floods, landslides, climate changes, extreme meteorological events): this is where interdependent processes meet, requiring a holistic view to better live on and with our planet.
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1Apr-2021Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard and Risk Analysis: A Review of Research GapsBehrens, Jörn ; Løvholt, Finn ; Jalayer, Fatemeh ; Lorito, Stefano ; Salgado-Gálvez, Mario A. ; Sørensen, Mathilde ; Abadie, Stephane ; Aguirre-Ayerbe, Ignacio ; Aniel-Quiroga, Iñigo ; Babeyko, Andrey ; Baiguera, Marco ; Basili, Roberto ; Belliazzi, Stefano ; Grezio, Anita ; Johnson, Kendra ; Murphy, Shane ; Paris, Raphaël ; Rafliana, Irina ; De Risi, Raffaele ; Rossetto, Tiziana ; Selva, Jacopo ; Taroni, Matteo ; Del Zoppo, Marta ; Armigliato, Alberto ; Bures, Vladimír ; Cech, Pavel ; Cecioni, Claudia ; Christodoulides, Paul ; Davies, Gareth ; Dias, Frederic ; Bayraktar, Hafize Basak ; González, Mauricio ; Gritsevich, Maria ; Guillas, Serge ; Harbitz, Carl Bonnevie ; Kanoglu, Utku ; Macías, Jorge ; Papadopoulos, Gerassimos A. ; Polet, Jascha ; Romano, Fabrizio ; Salamon, Amos ; Scala, Antonio ; Stepinac, Mislav ; Tappin, David R. ; Thio, Hong Kie ; Tonini, Roberto ; Triantafyllou, Ioanna ; Ulrich, Thomas ; Varini, Elisa ; Volpe, Manuela ; Vyhmeister, Eduardo