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Specification methods and languages
Analog/Digital Integrated Circuits and Systems
VLSI architectures
Algorithms, methods and tools for modeling, simulation, synthesis and verification of integrated circuits and systems of any complexity
Embedded systems
High-level synthesis for VLSI systems
Logic synthesis and finite automata
Testing, design-for-test and test generation algorithms
Physical design
Formal verification
Algorithms implemented in VLSI systems
Systems engineering
Heterogeneous systems
Integration's aim is to cover every aspect of the VLSI area, with an emphasis on cross-fertilization between various fields of science, and the design, verification, test and applications of integrated circuits and systems, as well as closely related topics in process and device technologies. Individual issues will feature peer-reviewed tutorials and articles as well as reviews of recent publications.
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1Sep-2014On the development of high-throughput and area-efficient multi-mode cryptographic hash designs in FPGAsMichail, Harris ; Athanasiou, George S. ; Theodoridis, George ; Goutis, Costas E. 
2Feb-2009Improved throughput bit-serial multiplier for GF(2m) fieldsMichail, Harris ; Selimis, George N. ; Fournaris, Apostolos P.