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Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Catalytic elimination
Environmental pollutants
Industrial processes
Environmental catalysts
Fuel cells
Clean energy
Catalytic combustion
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental welcomes original, novel and high-impact contributions from the following fields: Catalytic elimination of environmental pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur compounds, chlorinated and other organic compounds, and soot emitted from stationary or mobile sources Basic understanding of catalysts used in environmental pollution abatement, especially as applied to industrial processes All aspects of preparation, characterization, activation, deactivation and regeneration of novel and commercially applicable environmental catalysts New catalytic routes and processes for the production of clean energy, such as in hydrogen generation via catalytic fuel processing; and new catalysts and electrocatalysts for fuel cells Catalytic reactions in which wastes are converted to useful products Clean manufacturing replacing toxic chemicals with environmentally friendly catalysts Scientific aspects of photocatalytic processes and basic understanding of photocatalysts as applied to environmental problems New catalytic combustion technologies and catalysts The journal will accept original Research Papers, Reviews and Letters to the Editor. Papers dealing with reactions and processes aimed at the production of commercial products and the remaining aspect of catalysis should be directed to Applied Catalysis A: General. Enzymatic papers should be directed to Journal of Molecular Catalysis B.
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15-Dec-2022Enhancing CO2 methanation over Ni catalysts supported on sol-gel derived Pr2O3-CeO2: An experimental and theoretical investigationTsiotsias, Anastasios I. ; Charisiou, Nikolaos D. ; Harkou, Eleana ; Hafeez, Sanaa ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas ; Hussien, Aseel G.S. ; Dabbawala, Aasif A. ; Sebastian, Victor ; Hinder, Steven J. ; Baker, Mark A. ; Polychronopoulou, Kyriaki ; Goula, Maria A. 
215-Nov-2021Ni-doped MoS2 modified graphitic carbon nitride layered hetero-nanostructures as highly efficient photocatalysts for environmental remediationKoutsouroubi, Eirini D. ; Vamvasakis, Ioannis ; Minotaki, Maria G. ; Papadas, Ioannis T. ; Drivas, Charalampos ; Choulis, Stelios A. ; Kopidakis, Georgios ; Kennou, Stella ; Armatas, Gerasimos S. 
315-Nov-2018Mesoporous implantable Pt/SrTiO3:C,N nanocuboids delivering enhanced photocatalytic H2-production activity via plasmon-induced interfacial electron transferTamiolakis, Ioannis ; Liu, Dong ; Xiao, Fangxing ; Xie, Jian ; Papadas, Ioannis T. ; Salim, Teddy ; Liu, Bin ; Zhang, Qichun ; Choulis, Stelios A. ; Armatas, Gerasimos S. 
415-May-2017Mechanistic aspects (SSITKA-DRIFTS) of the catalytic denitrification of water with hydrogen on Pd-Cu supported catalystsTheologidis, Christodoulos ; Olympiou, Georgios ; Savva, Petros G. ; Kapnisis, Konstantinos ; Anayiotos, Andreas ; Costa, Costas 
531-Aug-2011A novel highly selective and stable Ag/MgO-CeO2-Al2O3 catalyst for the low-temperature ethanol-SCR of NOValanidou, Lilian ; Theologides, Christodoulos P. ; Zorpas, Antonis A. ; Savva, Petros G. ; Costa, Costas 
61-Feb-2011Catalytic removal of nitrates from waters in a continuous flow process: The remarkable effect of liquid flow rate and gas feed compositionCosta, Costas ; Savva, Petros G. ; Theologidis, Christodoulos 
77-Jun-2010Degradation of microcystin-lr using sulfate radicals generated through photolysis, thermolysis and e- transfer mechanismsDe La Cruz, Armah A. ; Dionysiou, Dionysios Demetriou D. ; Antoniou, Maria G. 
812-Jan-2010Low-temperature catalytic decomposition of ethylene into h2 and secondary carbon nanotubes over Ni/CNTsPolychronopoulou, Kyriaki ; Efstathiou, Angelos M. ; Ryzkov, V.A. ; Savva, Petros G. 
925-Nov-2009Comparative study of La–Sr–Fe–O perovskite-type oxides prepared by ceramic and surfactant methods over the CH4 and H2 lean-deNOxStathopoulos, Vassilis N. ; Neophytides, Stylianos G. ; Costa, Costas 
107-Sep-2009Impact of the morphological properties of thin TiO2 photocatalytic films on the detoxification of water contaminated with the cyanotoxin, microcystin-lrAntoniou, Maria G. ; Nicolaou, Persoulla A. ; Shoemaker, Jody A. ; De La Cruz, Armah A. ; Dionysiou, Dionysios Demetriou 
111-Mar-2008Benzene hydrogenation over ni/ai2O3 catalysts prepared by conventional and sol-gel techniquesGoundani, Katerina ; Vakros, John ; Savva, Petros G. ; Bourikas, Kyriakos ; Fountzoula, Ch. ; Vattis, Dimitris K. ; Lycourghiotis, Alexis S. ; Kordulis, Christos 
1215-Nov-2007The effect of Fe on the catalytic behavior of model Pd-Rh/CeO2-Al2O3 three-way catalystLambrou, Panayiota S. ; Efstathiou, Angelos M. ; Savva, Petros G. 
1326-Sep-2007Industrial H2-SCR of NO on a novel Pt/MgO–CeO2 catalystEfstathiou, Angelos M. ; Costa, Costas ; Savva, Petros G. 
1430-Mar-2007Low-temperature H2-SCR of NO on a novel Pt/MgO-CeO2 catalystEfstathiou, Angelos M. ; Costa, Costas 
1518-Sep-2000Synergistic effects of crystal phases and mixed valences in La-Sr-Ce-Fe-O mixed oxidic/perovskitic solids on their catalytic activity for the NO+CO reactionBelessi, Vassiliki ; Bakas, Thomas V. ; Costa, Costas ; Efstathiou, A. M. ; Pomonis, Phillippos J.