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1993Assessment of Random and Systematic Errors Associated with the CORINAIR/COPERT Methodology for Estimating VOCs Emitted from Road TrafficAndrias, A. ; Samaras, Zissis ; Zierock, Karl Heinz ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
1994Development of a Methodology and a Computer Model for Forecasting Atmospheric Emissions from Relevant Mobile and Stationary SourcesHoltmann, T. ; Rentz, O. ; Samaras, Zissis ; Tymbanidis, Y. ; Zachariadis, Theodoros ; Zierock, Karl Heinz 
1995Stability of interfacial waves between two bounded fluidsChristodoulides, Paul 
1-Jan-1995Reliability based inspection scheduling of floatersOnoufriou, Toula ; Simpson, R. J. ; Protopapa, M. 
1996Comparison of Microscale and Macroscale Traffic Emission Estimation Tools: DGV, COPERT and KEMISZachariadis, Theodoros ; Samaras, Zissis 
1996Theoretical and Experimental Development of Short Tests for Use in Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance Programmes in EuropeZachariadis, Theodoros 
1-Jan-1996Reliability based inspection planning applications for offshore structuresOnoufriou, Toula 
1997Forecast of road traffic emission for the Greater Athens areaSamaras, Zissis ; Andrias, A. ; Aslanoglou, Miltos ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
1998The Potential of Inspection and Maintenance Programmes to Reduce Emissions of In-Use Cars in EuropeSamaras, Zissis ; Hassel, D. ; Weber, Franz Josef ; Joumard, Robert ; Vernet, Isabelle ; Rijkeboer, Rudolf ; Barlow, T. ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
1998Modelling the emissions of road vehicles at macroscale and microscaleSamaras, Zissis ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
2000The importance of accounting for atmospheric effects in satellite remote sensing: a case study from the lower thames valley area, UKHadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Clayton, Chris R I ; Hope, V. S. 
2000Limassol and its Sporting History” Proceedings of the 4th Symposium of Oral History 2008Papadima-Sophocleous, Salomi 
2001Economic Crimes in Cyprus: A Multidisciplinary Approach
1-Apr-2001Enhancing the auditor's fraud detection ability: an interdisciplinary approachKrambia-Kapardis, Maria 
2002Baseline Scenario and Variants for the Long-Term Energy Modelling ProjectMantzos, L. ; Zeka-Paschou, M. ; Kouvaritakis, Nikos ; Zachariadis, Theodoros 
2003An Integrated Energy-Environment-Economic Model for the Assessment of Policies Aiming to Achieve Sustainability in TransportationZachariadis, Theodoros 
2003Sexuality, sexual and reproductive health: an exploration of the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of Greek-Cypriot adolescentsΚούτα, Χριστιάνα 
Mar-2003Socially responsible : A preliminary study in CyprusKrambia-Kapardis, Maria ; Papasolomou-Doukakis, Ioanna 
Sep-2003On the darkest pixel atmospheric correction algorithm: a revised procedure applied over satellite remotely sensed images intended for environmental applicationsHadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Retalis, Adrianos ; Clayton, Chris R I 
Sep-2003Satellite remote sensing and GIS for sustainable development in Skiathos Island, GreeceHadjimitsis, Diofantos G. ; Retalis, Adrianos ; Clayton, Chris R I