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23-Oct-2008Intermolecular interactions of perylene diimides in photovoltaic blends of fluorene copolymers: Disorder effects on photophysical properties, film morphology and device efficiencyKeivanidis, Panagiotis E. ; Howard, Ian A. ; Friend, Richard H. 
1-Dec-2009Perylene tetracarboxydiimide as an electron acceptor in organic solar cells: A study of charge generation and recombinationHoward, Ian A. ; Laquai, Frédéric ; Keivanidis, Panagiotis E. ; Friend, Richard H. ; Greenham, Neil C. 
22-Apr-2011Room-temperature phase demixing in bulk heterojunction layers of solution-processed organic photodetectors: The effect of active layer ageing on the device electro-optical propertiesKeivanidis, Panagiotis E. ; Laquai, Frédéric ; Howard, Ian A. ; Friend, Richard H.