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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2019Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in a Continuous Catalytic Membrane ReactorConstantinou, Achilleas ; Wu, Gaowei ; Venezia, Baldassarre ; Ellis, Peter ; Kuhn, Simon ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
1-Dec-2016Aerobic oxidations in flow: Opportunities for the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industriesGavriilidis, Asterios ; Constantinou, Achilleas ; Hellgardt, Klaus ; Hii, King Kuok Mimi ; Hutchings, Graham J. ; Brett, Gemma L. ; Kuhn, Simon ; Marsden, Stephen P. 
Jul-2021Can plastic waste management be a novel solution in combating the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)? A short research noteAl-Salem, Sultan Majed ; El-Eskandarani, Mohammed Sherif ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
1-Jan-2023Carbon Capture Enhancement by Water-Based Nanofluids in a Hollow Fiber Membrane ContactorYuan, Cuiting ; Pan, Zhen ; Wang, Yan ; Baena-Moreno, Francisco M. ; Constantinou, Achilleas ; Zhang, Zhien 
2019Catalytic conversion and chemical recoveryHafeez, Sanaa ; Pallari, Elena ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
Sep-2021CFD Study of the Numbering up of Membrane Microreactors for CO2 CaptureHarkou, Eleana ; Hafeez, Sanaa ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
1-Oct-2012CO2 absorption in a high efficiency silicon nitride mesh contactorConstantinou, Achilleas ; Barrass, Simon ; Pronk, Frans ; Bril, T. ; Wenn, David A. ; Shaw, John Edward Andrew ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
3-Feb-2010CO2 Absorption in a Microstructured Mesh ReactorConstantinou, Achilleas ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
1-Dec-2018CO2 absorption in flat membrane microstructured contactors of different wettability using aqueous solution of NaOHConstantinou, Achilleas ; Barrass, Simon ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
4-Jun-2014CO2 Absorption in Polytetrafluoroethylene Membrane Microstructured Contactor Using Aqueous Solutions of AminesConstantinou, Achilleas ; Barrass, Simon ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
Aug-2021CO2 capture using membrane contactors: a systematic literature reviewHafeez, Sanaa ; Safdar, Tayeba ; Pallari, Elena ; Manos, George ; Aristodemou, Elsa ; Zhang, Zhien ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
1-May-2022Comprehensive Review on Two-Step Thermochemical Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production in a Redox CycleOudejans, Daphne ; Offidani, Michele ; Constantinou, Achilleas ; Albonetti, Stefania ; Dimitratos, Nikolaos ; Bansode, Atul 
2020Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and reaction modelling study of bio-oil catalytic hydrodeoxygenation in microreactorsHafeez, Sanaa ; Aristodemou, Elsa ; Manos, George ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Konstantinou, Achilleas 
Feb-2022Computational Investigation of Microreactor Configurations for Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid Decomposition Using a Pd/C CatalystHafeez, Sanaa ; Al-Salem, Sultan M. ; Bansode, Atul ; Villa, Alberto ; Dimitratos, Nikolaos ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
14-Jul-2023Computational Studies on Microreactors for the Decomposition of Formic Acid for Hydrogen Production Using Heterogeneous CatalystsHarkou, Eleana ; Adamou, Panayiota ; Georgiou, Kyproula ; Hafeez, Sanaa ; Al-Salem, Sultan M. ; Villa, Alberto ; Manos, George ; Dimitratos, Nikolaos ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
29-Jun-2019Continuous flow aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol on Ru/Al2O3 catalyst in a flat membrane microchannel reactor: An experimental and modelling studyWu, Gaowei ; Cao, Enhong ; Ellis, Peter ; Constantinou, Achilleas ; Kuhn, Simon ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
Dec-2015Continuous Heterogeneously Catalyzed Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol in a Ceramic Membrane Packed-Bed ReactorConstantinou, Achilleas ; Wu, Gaowei ; Corredera, Albert ; Ellis, Peter ; Bethell, Donald ; Hutchings, Graham J. ; Kuhn, Simon ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
29-Apr-2015Continuous heterogeneously catalyzed oxidation of benzyl alcohol using a tube-in-tube membrane microreactorWu, Gaowei ; Constantinou, Achilleas ; Cao, Enhong ; Kuhn, Simon ; Morad, Moataz ; Sankar, Meenakshisundaram ; Bethell, Donald ; Hutchings, Graham J. ; Gavriilidis, Asterios 
1-Mar-2021Decomposition of additive-free formic acid using a pd/c catalyst in flow: Experimental and cfd modelling studiesHafeez, Sanaa ; Sanchez, Felipe ; Al-Salem, S. M. ; Villa, Alberto ; Manos, George ; Dimitratos, Nikolaos ; Constantinou, Achilleas 
2019Design and limitations in polymer cracking fluidized beds for energy recoveryAntelava, Ana ; Pallari, Elena ; Manos, George ; Constantinou, Achilleas