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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
14-Sep-2017Churnalism on the Rise?: Assessing convergence effects on editorial practicesSaridou, Theodora ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Veglis, Andreas A. 
2008The contribution of online news consumption to critical-reflective journalism professionals: likelihood patterns among greek journalism studentsVeglis, Andreas A. ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia 
1-Aug-2016Dependency, (non)liability and austerity news frames of bailout GreeceDoudaki, Vaia ; Boubouka, Angeliki ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Tzalavras, Christos 
2008Exploring structural interactivity in online newspapers: a look at the greek web landscapeVeglis, Andreas A. ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia 
2012The Field of Online Journalism: A Bourdieusian Analysis1Siapera, Eugenia ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia 
2017Financial crisis, austerity and public service media in Cyprus: Reforming or downsizing? An analysis of discourses and critiquesSpyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
1-Jan-2015Framing immigration in online media and television news in crisis-stricken CyprusMilioni, Dimitra L. ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Vadratsikas, Konstantinos 
2019Interactive JournalismSpyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. Vos, Tim; Hanusch, Folker
2013Journalism in a state of flux: journalists as agents of technology innovation and emerging news practicesMatsiola, Maria ; Veglis, Andreas A. ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia 
Jan-2018The media’s framing of the Greek bailout referendum: A crisis-inducing or a crisis-resolving mechanism?Milioni, Dimitra L. ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Triga, Vasiliki 
Feb-2015News content online: patterns and norms under convergence dynamicsSpyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Doudaki, Vaia 
1-Jan-2011Political parties and web 2.0 tools: A shift in power or a new digital Bandwagon?Spyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Veglis, Andreas A. 
2014The present and future of PSM under austerity: the case of CYBCSpyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
2013Print and online news: remediation practices in content and formSpyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Doudaki, Vaia 
1-Jan-2015Producing protest news: Representations of contentious collective actions in mainstream print mediaSpyridou, Lia Paschalia 
1-Jan-2014Promotion of wind energy in isolated energy systems: The case of the Orites wind farmFokaides, Paris A. ; Miltiadous, Irene Chrysovalanto ; Neophytou, Marina K A ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia 
3-Apr-2018This time it’s different? Effects of the Eurovision Debate on young citizens and its consequence for EU democracy–evidence from a quasi-experiment in 24 countriesMaier, Jürgen ; Faas, Thorsten ; Rittberger, Berthold ; Fortin-Rittberger, Jessica ; Josifides, Kalliope Agapiou ; Banducci, Susan ; Bellucci, Paolo ; Blomgren, Magnus ; Brikse, Inta ; Chwedczuk-Szulc, Karol ; Lobo, Marina Costa ; Cześnik, Mikołaj ; Deligiaouri, Anastasia ; Deželan, Tomaž ; deNooy, Wouter ; Di Virgilio, Aldo ; Fesnic, Florin ; Fink-Hafner, Danica ; Grbeša, Marijana ; Greab, Carmen ; Henjak, Andrija ; Hopmann, David Nicolas ; Johann, David ; Jelenfi, Gábor ; Kavaliauskaite, Jurate ; Kmetty, Zoltan ; Kritzinger, Sylvia ; Magalhães, Pedro C. ; Meyer, Vincent ; Mihailova, Katia ; Mirchev, Mihail ; Pitkänen, Ville ; Ramonaite, Aine ; Reidy, Theresa ; Rybar, Marek ; Sammut, Carmen ; Santana-Pereira, José ; Spurava, Guna ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Stefanel, Adriana ; Štětka, Václav ; Surdej, Aleksander ; Tardos, Róbert ; Trimithiotis, Dimitris ; Vezzoni, Christiano ; Világi, Aneta ; Zavecz, Gergo 
--Spyridou, Lia Paschalia 
--Spyridou, Lia Paschalia 
--Spyridou, Lia Paschalia