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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2014Limited representation of drinking-water contaminants in pregnancy–birth cohortsAndraa, Syam S. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Long-term effectiveness of drinking-water treatment residuals in reducing soil arsenic bioaccessibility: a greenhouse studyNagar, Rachana ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Quazi, Shahida ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
15-Jul-2005Long-term phosphorus effects on evolving physicochemical properties of iron and aluminum hydroxidesHarris, Willie G. ; O'Connor, George A. ; El-Shall, Hassan E. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Long-term phosphorus immobilization by a drinking water treatment residualAgyin-Birikorang, Sampson ; O'Connor, George A. ; Jacobs, Lee W. ; Brinton, Scott R. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2004Long-term stability of sorbed phosphorus by drinking-water treatment residuals: mechanisms and implicationsMakris, Konstantinos C. 
2011Low-level Arsenic Exposure in Drinking Water and Diabetes Mellitus in Cyprus: Preliminary FindingsPaisi, Martha ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Christophi, Costas A. 
2007Low-level colorimetric determination of arsenic in the presence of phosphorus in soil solutionsDatta, Rupali K. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2006Micro-porosity effects on arsenic(V) bioaccessibility in soilsDatta, Rupali K. ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Ravikovitch, Peter I. ; Neimark, Alexander V. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
1-Dec-2015Microbial quality and molecular identification of cultivable microorganisms isolated from an urban drinking water distribution system (Limassol, Cyprus)Botsaris, George ; Kanetis, Loukas ; Slaný, Michal ; Parpouna, Christiana ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Modeling arsenate adsorption by drinking-water treatment residualsSarkar, Dibyendu ; Nagar, Rachana ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
31-Dec-2017Monitoring of air pollution levels related to Charilaos Trikoupis BridgeSarigiannis, D. ; Handakas, Evangelos J. ; Kermenidou, Marianthi V. ; Zarkadas, Ioannis S. ; Gotti, Alberto ; Charisiadis, Pantelis ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Manousakas, Manousos Ioannis ; Eleftheriadis, Konstantinos ; Karakitsios, Spyros P. 
Jan-2013A new paradigm for risk assessment of endocrine disruptors in food contact materialsMuncke, Jane ; Wagner, Martin R. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
Dec-2009Nitrous oxide supersaturation at the liquid/air interface of animal wasteAndra, Syam S. ; Hardy, Michael ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Bach, Stephan B H ; Mullens, Conor P. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2007Novel chemical amendment to reduce arsenic availability in poultry litterDatta, Rupali K. ; Jason, Salazar ; Quazi, Shahida ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2008Novel colorimetric method overcoming phosphorus interference during trace arsenic analysis in soil solutionPunamiya, Pravin ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2005A novel sorbent for perchlorate: preliminary resultsSarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
1-Jul-2014Obesity-mediated association between exposure to brominated trihalomethanes and type II diabetes mellitus: an exploratory analysisAndra, Syam S. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Charisiadis, Pantelis 
1-Feb-2016Occurrence and variability of iodinated trihalomethanes concentrations within two drinking-water distribution networksIoannou, Panagiotis ; Charisiadis, Pantelis ; Andra, Syam S. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. 
2011Oral ingestion of hexavalent chromium through drinking water and cancer mortality in an industrial area of Greece - An ecological studyLinos, Athena ; Petralias, Athanassios ; Christoforidou, Eleni ; Kouroutou, Paraskevi ; Stoltidis, Melina ; Veloudaki, Afroditi ; Tzala, Evangelia ; Karagas, Margaret R. ; Makris, Konstantinos C. ; Christophi, Costas A. 
Jun-2010Organocopper complexes during roxarsone degradation in wastewater lagoonsAndra, Syam S. ; Quazi, Shahida ; Sarkar, Dibyendu ; Datta, Rupali K. ; Bach, Stephan B H ; Makris, Konstantinos C.