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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Neither ‘community’ nor ‘media’? the transformation of community media on the internetMilioni, Dimitra L. 
Sep-2011New media and radical protest: reflections from the 'Greek 2008 riots'Milioni, Dimitra L. ; Panos, Dionysis 
2008Ordinary people’ in the media: agenda-setting and sourcing in mainstream press and the alternative internetGravani, Joanna ; Reizi, Paulina ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
2014The present and future of PSM under austerity: the case of CYBCSpyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
May-2009Probing the Online Counterpublic Sphere: The Case of Indymedia AthensMilioni, Dimitra L. 
2009Protest news in mainstream press and alternative online media in GreeceMilioni, Dimitra L. 
21-Jul-2017Representations of the economic crisis and austerity politicsNovelli, Edoardo ; Rafter, Kevin ; Alvares, Claudia ; Veríssimo, Iolanda ; Poulakidakos, Stamatis ; Veneti, Anastasia ; Triga, Vasiliki ; Milioni, Dimitra L. ; Sammut, Carmen 
2012Their Two Cents Worth': Exploring User Agency in Readers” Comments in Online News MediaVadratsikas, Konstantinos ; Papa, Venetia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
2011Their two cents worth: a content analysis of online readers’comments in mainstream news outletsVadratsikas, Konstantinos ; Papa, Venetia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
2011User generated content in online journalism: literature review and suggestions for a newresearch agendaPapa, Venetia ; Vadratsikas, Konstantinos ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
2011User-Generated citizens? online discursive activity of “produsers” as civic practicesVadratsikas, Konstantinos ; Papa, Venetia ; Milioni, Dimitra L. 
2003The virtualization of political communities: from the ‘mole of revolution’ to mouse-click activismMilioni, Dimitra L. 
2012Web 2.0 and Deliberation: An IntroductionMilioni, Dimitra L. ; Triga, Vasiliki 
2012Young Cypriots online: use of new media and aspects of the digital divide in CyprusMilioni, Dimitra L. 
2010Youth cultures and new media literacy in Cyprus: survey findings from a divided countryMilioni, Dimitra L. 
Aug-2014Youth, ethnicity, and a 'reverse digital divide': a study of Internet use in a divided countryMilioni, Dimitra L. ; Doudaki, Vaia ; Demertzis, Nicolas 
2017Κοινωνικό κεφάλαιο και διαδίκτυο: Πώς η γενικευμένη εμπιστοσύνη επηρεάζει το δεσμευτικό, γεφυρωτικό και διασυνδετικό διαδικτυακό κοινωνικό κεφάλαιοΣτυλιανού, Στέλιος ; Μηλιώνη, Δήμητρα Λ. 
2014Νέα μέσα, νέες προκλήσεις: η ανάγκη ριζοσπαστικοποίησης της διαβουλευτικής δημοκρατίας και ο ρόλος του διαδικτύουMilioni, Dimitra L. 
2010Το διαδίκτυο στην Κύπρο 2010, Τελική ΈκθεσηGialamas, Vassilis ; Patelis, Korinna ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Kyza, Eleni A. ; Milioni, Dimitra L. ; Lambrinos, Lambros ; Doudaki, Vaia ; Demertzis, Nicolas ; Kyriakides, Christopher ; Panos, Dionysis ; Stylianou, Stelios 
--Milioni, Dimitra L.