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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Decay of the transient Cu B-CO complex is accompanied by formation of the heme Fe-CO complex of cytochrome cbb 3-CO at ambient temperature: evidence from time-resolved fourier transform infrared spectroscopyStavrakis, Stavros ; Varotsis, Constantinos ; Koutsoupakis, Constantinos 
2004Detection of a photostable five-coordinate heme a3-Fe-Co species and functional implications of His384/α10 in CO-bound ba 3-cytochrome c oxidase from Thermus thermophilusPinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Ohta, Takehiro; Varotsis, Constantinos 
28-Mar-2015Detection of functional hydrogen-bonded water molecules with protonated/deprotonated key carboxyl side chains in the respiratory enzyme ba3-oxidoreductaseNicolaides, Antonis ; Soulimane, Tewfik ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
5-Aug-2017Detection of Maillard reaction products by a coupled HPLC-Fraction collector technique and FTIR characterization of Cu(II)-complexation with the isolated speciesIoannou, Aristos ; Daskalakis, Evangelos ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
2005Detection of the His-Heme Fe2+−NO Species in the reduction of NO to N2O by ba3-Oxidase from thermus thermophilusPinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Ohta, Takehiro ; Soulimane, Tewfik ; Kitagawa, Teizo ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
2013Detection of the hyponitrite species (HO-N=N-O) in denitrification: Reactivity of NO with the heme Fe-Cu center of cytochrome caa(3) and the heme Fe -Fe center of Nitric oxide reductaseVarotsis, Constantinos ; Pinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Ohta, Takehiro ; Kitagawa, Teizo 
2002DFT Study of endoperoxides and their in-termediates in Fe(II) cleavage of the endoperoxy bridgeDaskalakis, Evangelos ; Frudakis, George ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
2006Diogygen activation and bond cleavage in cell respiration as probed by resonance raman spectroscopyPinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Ohta, Takehiro ; Daskalakis, Evangelos ; Aggelaki, M. ; Kitagawa, Teizo ; Ludwig, Bernd ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
Aug-1993Dioxygen activation and reduction by cytochrome oxidaseBabcock, Gerald ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
1996Dioxygen activation in enzymatic systems and in inorganic modelsBabcock, Gerald ; Floris, René ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
1-May-1993Dioxygen reduction by cytochrome oxidase: a proton transfer limited reactionBabcock, Gerald ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
1990Direct detection of a dioxygen adduct of cytochrome a3 in the mixed valence cytochrome oxidase/dioxygen reactionWoodruff, William; Babcock, Gerald; Varotsis, Constantinos 
2003Direct detection of Fe(IV)=O intermediates in the cytochrome aa3 oxidase from Paracoccus denitrificans[H2O2 reactionPinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Pfitzner, Ute; Varotsis, Constantinos 
21-May-2019Discrete Ligand Binding and Electron Transfer Properties of ba3-Cytochrome c Oxidase from Thermus thermophilus: Evolutionary Adaption to Low Oxygen and High Temperature EnvironmentsKoutsoupakis, Constantinos ; Soulimane, Tewfik ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
1993Discrete steps in dioxygen activation - the cytochrome oxidase/O2 reactionBabcock, Gerald; Varotsis, Constantinos 
2003Docking site dynamics of ba3-cytochrome c oxidase from thermus thermophilusSoulimane, Tewfik ; Varotsis, Constantinos ; Koutsoupakis, Constantinos 
12-Jun-2019Extracellular electron uptake from carbon-based π electron surface-donors: Oxidation of graphite sheets by: Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans probed by Raman and FTIR spectroscopiesTselios, Charalampos ; Papageorgiou, Marios ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
2000Ferryl–oxo heme intermediate in the antimalarial mode of action of artemisininKapetanaki, Sofia M. ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
2002Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and step-scan time-resolved FTIR spectroscopies reveal a unique active site in cytochrome caa3 oxidase from Thermus thermophilusPinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Soulimane, Tewfik ; Varotsis, Constantinos 
1999Fourier transform infrared and resonance raman studies of the interaction of azide with cytochrome c oxidase from paracoccus denitrificansVamvouka, Magdalini; Müller, Werner; Varotsis, Constantinos