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2-Sep-2021Assessing the Optimum Level of Supplementation with Camelina Seeds in Ewes' Diets to Improve Milk QualityChristodoulou, Christos ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Symeon, George ; Dotas, Vasilis ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Kotsampasi, Basiliki ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
1-Feb-2022Cocoa husks fed to lactating dairy ewes affect milk fatty acid profile and oxidative status of blood and milkCarta, Silvia ; Tsiplakou, Eleni ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Pulina, Giuseppe ; Nudda, Anna 
3-Dec-2020Dietary Supplementation of a Live Yeast Product on Dairy Sheep Milk Performance, Oxidative and Immune Status in Peripartum PeriodMavrommatis, Alexandros ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Karabinas, Dimitris ; Nenov, Valentin ; Zervas, George ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
Mar-2021The effect of whole sesame seeds on milk chemical composition, fatty acid profile and antioxidant status in goatsMitsiopoulou, Christina ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Labrou, Nikolaos ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
1-Mar-2021Effects of dietary pomegranate seed cake supplementation on performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of growing lambsKotsampasi, Basiliki M. ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Bampidis, Vasileios A. ; Christodoulou, Vladimiros F. ; Chronopoulou, Evangelia G. ; Labrou, Nikolaos E ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
1-Jun-2023Effects of dietary pomegranate seed oil addition to diets for laying hens on fatty acid profile of eggsPappas, Athanasios C. ; Charisi, A. ; Chatziantoniou, Ch M. ; Giamouri, Elisavet ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Moschopoulos, V. ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Papadomichelakis, George ; Kotsampasi, Basiliki M. ; Mitsopoulos, Ioannis ; Tsiplakou, Eleni ; Bampidis, Vasileios A. 
1-Jan-2019Effects of olive pulp addition to broiler diets on performance, selected biochemical parameters and antioxidant enzymesPappas, Athanasios C. ; Tsiplakou, Eleni ; Papadomichelakis, George ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Haroutounian, Serkos Artin ; Fegeros, Konstantinos ; Zervas, Georgios P. ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Mpekelis, Vasilios 
May-2021Effects of supplementing rumen-protected methionine and lysine on milk performance and oxidative status of dairy ewesMavrommatis, Alexandros ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos ; Kariampa, Paraskevi ; Simoni, Marica ; Righi, Federico ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
Nov-2020Feeding level regulates the expression of some genes involved with programed cell death and remodeling in goat and sheep mammary tissueTsiplakou, Eleni ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Skliros, Dimitrios ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Flemetakis, Emmanouil 
10-Feb-2021The Impact of Whole Sesame Seeds on the Expression of Key-Genes Involved in the Innate Immunity of Dairy GoatsMitsiopoulou, Christina ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Skliros, Dimitrios ; Flemetakis, Emmanouil ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
Feb-2021Influence of dietary sesame meal, vitamin E and selenium supplementation on milk production, composition, and fatty acid profile in dairy goatsMitsiopoulou, Christina ; Karaiskou, Christina ; Simoni, Marica ; Righi, Federico ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
1-Feb-2023An Overview of Poultry Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Mediterranean AreaZisis, Foivos ; Giamouri, Elisavet ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Kamilaris, Charalampos ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
14-May-2021Plant Feed Additives as Natural Alternatives to the Use of Synthetic Antioxidant Vitamins in Livestock Animal Products Yield, Quality, and Oxidative Status: A ReviewTsiplakou, Eleni ; Pitino, Rosario ; Manuelian, Carmen L ; Simoni, Marica ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; De Marchi, Massimo ; Righi, Federico 
1-Dec-2022Redefining the Use of Vinification Waste By-Products in Broiler DietsGiamouri, Elisavet ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Simitzis, Panagiotis E ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Haroutounian, Serkos A. ; Koutinas, Apostolis A. ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Tsiplakou, Eleni 
5-Mar-2021Sesame Meal, Vitamin E and Selenium Influence Goats' Antioxidant StatusTsiplakou, Eleni ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Karaiskou, Chrysoula ; Simoni, Marica ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Righi, Federico ; Sotirakoglou, Kyriaki ; Labrou, Nikolaos E 
Mar-2020Supplementation of by-products from grape, tomato and myrtle affects antioxidant status of dairy ewes and milk fatty acid profileBuffa, Giovanna ; Tsiplakou, Eleni ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Pulina, Giuseppe ; Nudda, Anna 
1-Mar-2023Sustainable Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction in Small Ruminants FarmingGiamouri, Elisavet ; Zisis, Foivos ; Mitsiopoulou, Christina ; Christodoulou, Christos A. ; Pappas, Athanasios C. ; Simitzis, Panagiotis E ; Kamilaris, Charalampos ; Galliou, Fenia ; Manios, Thrassyvoulos ; Mavrommatis, Alexandros ; Tsiplakou, Eleni