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21-Mar-2021Implication of Dietary Iron-Chelating Bioactive Compounds in Molecular Mechanisms of Oxidative Stress-Induced Cell AgeingBarbouti, Alexandra ; Lagopati, Nefeli ; Veroutis, Dimitris ; Goulas, Vlasios ; Evangelou, Konstantinos ; Kanavaros, Panagiotis ; Gorgoulis, Vassilis G ; Galaris, Dimitrios 
3-Dec-2020Olive oil–contained phenolic compounds protect cells against H2O2-induced damage and modulate redox signaling by chelating intracellular labile ironGoulas, Vlasios ; Barbouti, Alexandra ; Kanavaros, Panagiotis ; Galaris, Dimitrios 
Apr-2021The potential of sun-dried grape pomace as a multi-functional ingredient for herbal infusion: Effects of brewing parameters on composition and bioactivityGoulas, Vlasios ; Stavrou, Konstantina ; Michael, Christodoulos ; Botsaris, George ; Barbouti, Alexandra 
2-Sep-2018Straw Wine Melanoidins as Potential Multifunctional Agents: Insight into Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Angiotensin-I-Converting Enzyme Inhibition EffectsGoulas, Vlasios ; Nicolaou, Demetra ; Botsaris, George ; Barbouti, Alexandra