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21-Jan-2019Disturbed YouTube for Kids: Characterizing and Detecting Inappropriate Videos Targeting Young ChildrenPapadamou, Kostantinos ; Papasavva, Antonis S. ; Zannettou, Savvas ; Blackburn, Jeremy ; Kourtellis, Nicolas ; Leontiadis, Ilias ; Stringhini, Gianluca ; Sirivianos, Michael 
4-Mar-2018From risk factors to detection and intervention: a practical proposal for future work on cyberbullyingIoannou, Andri ; Blackburn, Jeremy ; Stringhini, Gianluca ; De Cristofaro, Emiliano ; Kourtellis, Nicolas ; Sirivianos, Michael 
15-May-2017Kek, cucks, and god emperor Trump: a measurement study of 4chan's politically incorrect forum and its effects on the webHine, Gabriel Emile ; Onaolapo, Jeremiah O. ; De Cristofaro, Emiliano ; Kourtellis, Nicolas ; Leontiadis, Ilias ; Samaras, Riginos ; Stringhini, Gianluca ; Blackburn, Jeremy 
Jun-2018Large scale crowdsourcing and characterization of twitter abusive behaviorFounta, Antigoni Maria ; Djouvas, Constantinos ; Chatzakou, Despoina ; Leontiadis, Ilias ; Blackburn, Jeremy ; Stringhini, Gianluca ; Vakali, Athena I. ; Sirivianos, Michael ; Kourtellis, Nicolas 
2-Jul-2020S2CE: A Hybrid Cloud and Edge Orchestrator for Mining Exascale Distributed StreamsKourtellis, Nicolas ; Herodotou, Herodotos ; Grzenda, Maciej ; Wawrzyniak, Piotr ; Bifet, Albert 
14-May-2020A Self-Attentive Emotion Recognition NetworkPartaourides, Harris ; Papadamou, Kostantinos ; Kourtellis, Nicolas ; Leontiades, Ilias ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
17-Jun-2020A Streaming Machine Learning Framework for Online Aggression Detection on TwitterHerodotou, Herodotos ; Chatzakou, Despoina ; Kourtellis, Nicolas 
1-Nov-2017The web centipede: understanding how web communities influence each other through the lens of mainstream and alternative news sourcesZannettou, Savvas ; Caulfield, Tristan ; De Cristofaro, Emiliano ; Kourtellis, Nicolas ; Leontiadis, Ilias ; Sirivianos, Michael ; Stringhini, Gianluca ; Blackburn, Jeremy 
1-Jan-2019The web of false information: Rumors, fake news, hoaxes, clickbait, and various other shenanigansZannettou, Savvas ; Sirivianos, Michael ; Blackburn, Jeremy ; Kourtellis, Nicolas