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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Apr-2023Application of machine learning on optical fibre distributed sensing for power line applicationsKalli, Kyriacos ; Ioannou, Andreas ; Panaretou, Georgios ; Kouzoupou, Charalambos ; Argyrou, Maria C. ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
7-Jun-2017Asymmetric deep generative modelsPartaourides, Charalampos ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
1-Feb-2021Behavioral biometrics & continuous user authentication on mobile devices: A surveyStylios, Ioannis Chr ; Kokolakis, Spyros A. ; Thanou, Olga ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
2021BioGames: a new paradigm and a behavioral biometrics collection tool for research purposesStylios, Ioannis Chr ; Kokolakis, Spyros A. ; Skalkos, Andreas ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
Nov-2018Charging policies for PREYs used for service delivery: a reinforcement learning approachPanayiotou, Tania ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. ; Panayiotou, Christos ; Ellinas, Georgios 
30-Jun-2022Competing Mutual Information Constraints with Stochastic Competition-Based Activations for Learning Diversified RepresentationsPanousis, Konstantinos P. ; Antoniadis, Anastasios ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
Jun-2013A conditional random field-based model for joint sequence segmentation and classificationKosmopoulos, Dimitrios I. ; Doliotis, Paul ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
2007A content-based image retrieval scheme allowing for robust automatic personalizationDoulamis, Anastasios D. ; Varvarigou, Theodora ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
1-Sep-2023Continuous authentication with feature-level fusion of touch gestures and keystroke dynamics to solve security and usability issuesStylios, Ioannis Chr ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. ; Thanou, Olga ; Kokolakis, Spyros A. 
Jan-2012The Copula Echo State NetworkChatzis, Sotirios P. ; Demiris, Yiannis 
2012A Coupled Indian Buffet Process Model for Collaborative FilteringChatzis, Sotirios P. 
2006A cross media platform for personalized leisure & entertainment: the POLYMNIA approachAnagnostopoulos, Vasilios ; Lalos, Constantinos ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
May-2019A Data-Driven Bandwidth Allocation Framework with QoS Considerations for EONsPanayiotou, Tania ; Manousakis, Konstantinos ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. ; Ellinas, Georgios 
May-2016A data-driven QoT decision approach for multicast connections in metro optical networksPanayiotou, Tania ; Ellinas, Georgios ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
1-Jan-2017Deep bayesian matrix factorizationChatzis, Sotirios P. 
2-Nov-2022A Deep Learning Approach for Dynamic Balance Sheet Stress TestingPetropoulos, Anastasios ; Siakoulis, Vasilis ; Panousis, Konstantinos P. ; Papadoulas, Loukas ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
15-May-2018Deep learning with t-exponential Bayesian kitchen sinksPartaourides, Harris ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
1-Jan-2017Deep network regularization via bayesian inference of synaptic connectivityPartaourides, Charalampos ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. 
Aug-2011Deformable probability maps: probabilistic shape and appearance-based object segmentationChatzis, Sotirios P. ; Tsechpenakis, Gavriil 
2-Oct-2014Developing public transport network systems: The DIANA approachKosmopoulos, Dimitrios I. ; Kalohristianakis, M. ; Malamos, Athanasios G. ; Chatzis, Sotirios P. ; Pternea, Moschoula ; Kepaptsoglou, Konstantinos L. ; Karlaftis, Matthew G.