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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Accuracy of color doppler velocity in the flow field proximal to a regurgitant orifice: implications for color doppler quantitation of valvular incompetencePerry, Gilbert J. ; Green, Derek W. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2004Alternative control volume geometries for measuring regurgitant flow through a valveKortright, Eduardo ; Xia, Rui ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
1998Analysis of the proximal orifice flowfield under pulsatile flow conditions and confining wall geometry: implications in valvular regurgitationFan, Pohoey ; Perry, Gilbert J. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2008Assessment of passive cardiovascular implant devices for MRI compatibilityWalsh, Edward G. ; Brott, Brigitta C. ; Anayiotos, Andreas ; Venugopalan, Ramakrishna ; Johnson, Vicki Y. 
2011Biocorrosion and biomechanical analysis of vascular stentsHalwani, Dina O. ; Brott, Brigitta C. ; Lemons, Jack E. ; Anderson, Peter G. ; Anayiotos, Andreas ; Kapnisis, Konstantinos 
2012CFD challenge: Solutions using the commercial finite volume solver, fluentAristokleous, Nicolas ; Khozeymeh, Mohammad Iman ; Papaharilaou, Yannis ; Georgiou, Georgios C. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2004The challenges of imaging based computational fluid dynamicsCheng, Gary ; Ito, Yasushi ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
30-Apr-2018Characterization and antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles, biosynthesized using Bacillus speciesGhiuță, Ioana ; Cristea, Daniel ; Croitoru, Cǎtǎlin ; Kost, Joseph ; Wenkert, Rodica ; Vyrides, Ioannis ; Anayiotos, Andreas ; Munteanu, Daniel 
2010Clinical device-related article surface characterization of explanted endovascular stents : evidence of in vivo corrosionHalwani, Dina O. ; Anderson, Peter G. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
1999Color Doppler velocity accuracy proximal to regurgitant orifices: influence of orifice aspect ratioMyers, Jerry G. ; Elmahdi, Abdelaziz M. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2004Comparative computational fluid dynamics and experimental phase-contrast MRI: evaluations of in-stent restenosisHolton, Andrea D. ; Brott, Brigitta C. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2002Comparative MRI compatibility of 316L stainless steel alloy and nickel-titanium alloy stentsHolton, Andrea D. ; Walsh, Edward G. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
1-Dec-2015The Computational Fluid Dynamics Rupture Challenge 2013 - Phase II: Variability of Hemodynamic Simulations in Two Intracranial AneurysmsBerg, Philipp ; Roloff, Christoph ; Beuing, Oliver ; Voss, Samuel ; Sugiyama, Shin-Ichiro ; Aristokleous, Nicolas ; Anayiotos, Andreas ; Ashton, Neil ; Revell, Alistair ; Bressloff, Neil W. ; Brown, Alistair G. ; Chung, Bong Jae ; Cebral, Juan R. ; Copelli, Gabriele ; Fu, Wenyu ; Qiao, Aike ; Geers, Arjan J. ; Hodis, Simona ; Dragomir-Daescu, Dan ; Nordahl, Emily ; Suzen, Yildirim Bora ; Khan, Muhammad Owais ; Valen-Sendstad, Kristian ; Kono, Kenichi ; Menon, Prahlad G. ; Albal, Priti G. ; Mierka, Otto ; Münster, Raphael ; Morales, Hernán G. ; Bonnefous, Odile ; Osman, Jan ; Goubergrits, Leonid ; Pallares, Jordi ; Cito, Salvatore ; Passalacqua, Alberto ; Piskin, Senol ; Pekkan, Kerem ; Ramalho, Susana ; Marques, Nelson ; Sanchi, Stéphane ; Schumacher, Kristopher R. ; Sturgeon, Jess ; Švihlová, Helena ; Hron, Jaroslav ; Usera, Gabriel ; Mendina, Mariana ; Xiang, Jianping ; Meng, Hui ; Steinman, David A. ; Janiga, Gábor 
2007Correction of temporal misregistration artifacts in jet flow by conventional phase-contrast MRIDoyle, Mark W. ; Kortright, Eduardo ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2002Effect of a flow-streamlining implant at the distal anastomosis of a coronary artery bypass graftPedroso, Pedro D. ; Eleftheriou, Evangelos C. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2002Effect of contrast agent viscosity and injection flow velocity on bolus injection pressures for peripheral venous injection in first-pass myocardial perfusion studiesWalsh, Edward G. ; Doyle, Mark W. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2012Effect of head posture on the healthy human carotid bifurcation hemodynamicsAristokleous, Nicolas ; Khozeymeh, Mohammad Iman ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2010Effect of head rotation at the prone position on the geometric features of the healthy carotid bifurcationAristokleous, Nicolas ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Papaharilaou, Yannis ; Georgiou, Georgios C. ; Brott, Brigitta C. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
27-May-2015The Effect of Head Rotation on the Geometry and Hemodynamics of Healthy Vertebral ArteriesAristokleous, Nicolas ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Georgiou, Georgios C. ; Nicolaides, Andrew N. ; Anayiotos, Andreas 
2011Effect of posture change on the geometric features of the healthy carotid bifurcationAristokleous, Nicolas ; Seimenis, Ioannis ; Anayiotos, Andreas