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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Jan-2023AAC Models and Classification SystemsPampoulou, Eliada ; Fuller, Donald R. 
220-Jan-2023Aided Augmentative and Alternative Communication Symbols and Their CharacteristicsPampoulou, Eliada ; Fuller, Donald R. 
320-Jan-2023Augmentative and Alternative Communication Models and Classification SystemsFuller, Donald R. ; Pampoulou, Eliada 
48-Jul-2022Επαυξητική και Εναλλακτική ΕπικοινωνίαΘεοδώρου, 'Ελενα ; Πάμπουλου, Ηλιάδα ; Tetzchner, Stephen von ; Fuller, Donald R. 
52022Opinion: revisiting the means to select and transmit of the AAC modelFuller, Donald R. ; Pampoulou, Eliada 
62021Introduction of a new AAC symbol classification system: the multidimensional quaternary symbol continuum (MQSC)Pampoulou, Eliada ; Fuller, Donald R. 
72020Exploring AAC graphic symbol choices: a preliminary studyPampoulou, Eliada ; Fuller, Donald R.