Digital Reality in Foreign Language Education for medical professionals

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Digital Reality in Foreign Language Education for medical professionals
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The expected overall result would be improving the speed and efficiency of foreign language education for healthcare professions, thus securing replenishment of the labour market with new workers from abroad in fields of nursing and caretaking, i.e. overall quality of healthcare in Europe. To achieve this the consortium plans to solve the following problems and achieve the following tangible outcomes:
To develop a methodology and recommendations on selection of the educational contents best suitable for use in mixed reality applications. To identify digitization potentials it is required to map the contents of medical language courses suitable for use in current state-of-the-art consumer-grade immersive MR applications.
To develop a methodology and a set of tools for a productive interdisciplinary collaboration between teaching personnel in nursing and care and foreign language education professionals involved in design, programming and testing of MR applications. The mechanism is required for a time- and cost-efficient production of the digital learning materials.
To develop a testing and demonstration toolkit for: - experiencing and understanding of the technology; - bringing up basic operational skills to the teaching and training staff of the language education providers; - selecting and adopting functions and settings provided by MR simulation technology corresponding to the specific requirements of training programmes suitable to train particular professional language skills in nursing and caretaking.
To develop pilot MR-based foreign language education modules, based on 3D graphics or computer-generated imagery (CGI), augmented reality with integrated speech recognition functions for practical application of training scenarios in medical language teaching curriculum and teaching and learning practice.
To conduct an empirical study on the impact of training scenarios on learning success in professional language skills improvement for nursing and caretaking.
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