PERISCOPE: Portal for heritage buildings integration into the contemporary built environment

Project title
PERISCOPE: Portal for heritage buildings integration into the contemporary built environment
€ 1.104.500,80
Project Coordinator
In an era of rapid technological improvements, state-of-the-art methodologies and tools dedicated to the protection and promotion of our cultural heritage should be developed and extensively employed in the modern built environment and lifestyle. At the same time, sustainability principles underline the importance of the continuous use of historic or vernacular buildings as part of the building stock of our society. The adoption of a holistic integrated multi-disciplinary strategy can bridge technological innovation with the conservation and restoration of heritage buildings. The project “Portal for heritage buildings integration into the contemporary built environment” (PERIsCOPE) aims to design and develop an innovative portal comprised of reliable and efficient technology-ready tools for the identification, classification, documentation and renovation of heritage buildings which can be exploited by a variety of stakeholders related to the conservation and retrofit of heritage buildings. The portal will integrate the state-of-the-art knowledge in the scientific fields of Building Information Modelling, remote sensing, 3D terrestrial modelling techniques and non-destructive onsite testing, provided by the leading research and academic institutions of Cyprus in these fields. The portal is targeted to multiple economical actors of Cyprus, such as public authorities (specifically to the Town Planning and Housing Department, Department of Antiquities and Municipalities) and engineers, contractors and land developers. The implementation of the project will enable the application of the BIM-enabled holistic integrated methodology on heritage buildings, with reference to their location in the contemporary fabric of the city as well as their current structural condition.


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