Synergistic Use of Optical and Radar data for cultural heritage applications (PLACES)

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Synergistic Use of Optical and Radar data for cultural heritage applications (PLACES)
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The project “Synergistic Use of Optical and Radar data for cultural heritage applications”, in short PLACES, aims to support the Young Researcher to further investigate the potentials of earth observation and space technologies for cultural heritage. Despite the availability of sensors providing a range of different spatial and spectral characteristics, research is sometimes restricted by the mismatch observed between the individual sensors’ characteristics related to their spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal resolution. Since each sensor operates on a specific wavelength range and is sensitive to specific environmental conditions, the acquisition of all the required information is not feasible to be acquired by a single sensor. It is essential therefore capitalize on the capacity of existing sensors and understand potential synergies between them, expanding thus the scope of space-based Earth system science in order to meet the needs of a particular domain area such as cultural heritage. The various activities planned in the project, follow the general trend in the field towards the fusion and synergistic use of hererogenous satellite datasets (i.e. optical and radar images), especially satellite datasets which have nowadays become open and freely distributed, such as those from the European Space Agency (ESA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The activities of the project include multi-temporal analysis of satellite images, image processing and fusion of remote sensed datasets.


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