MTech Mobile Learning Project

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MTech Mobile Learning Project
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Around the world, digital technologies are playing an increasing role in everyday life, in education, and in the workplace. Amongst these technologies, mobile devices are proliferating at an exceptional rate. From an educational perspective, mobile devices can offer support for transformative teaching involving active, student-centred, situated pedagogical approaches, as well as promoting digital literacies; and they can also offer support for a variety of inclusive teaching strategies in line with a social justice agenda. To capitalise on the potential benefits of mobile devices, particularly for supporting transformative and inclusive forms of teaching, it is important that teachers and lecturers develop an understanding of the educational uses of these devices, a point increasingly recognised by governments and ministries of education within the context of a shift towards digital forms of education. Given the global proliferation of mobile devices, linked to increasing teacher and student mobility, it is important to develop a cross-cultural perspective on how mobile devices are presently employed, and could be employed in future, in teacher education and lecturer development.
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