Development of a test methodf for thermosiphon operated solar collectors

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Development of a test methodf for thermosiphon operated solar collectors
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Solar water heating units are extensively employed in Cyprus. In fact the total number of units installed is such that constitute Cyprus to be among the leading countries in the world in this area. These units are mostly of the thermosiphonic type and consist of two flat-plate solar collectors, a storage tank and a cold water storage tank, all installed on a suitable frame. Because the manufacturing of solar water heaters and mainly that of the thermosiphon type has expanded rapidly in Cyprus, there is an imperative need to study in depth and model this type of systems. It is also required to validate the model using simple physical experiments. In this way the model can be used to investigate the effect of design changes and therefore improve the solar water heater performance. This project aims to develop an adequate test method for determining the ability of a solar flat plate collector to operate thermosiphonically or to generate thermosiphon-loop, since EN12975:2-2006 (Thermal solar systems and components – Solarcollectors’) and other similar standards do not cover this technical issue. The task of the project is to suggest to the Cyprus National Technical Committee CYS TC 13 “Thermal Solar Systems” a special method for testing solar collectors used in thermosiphon solar water heaters.
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