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11-Jan-2023An Enhanced Virtual Cord Protocol Based Multi-Casting Strategy for the Effective and Efficient Management of Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksLatif, Sohaib ; Fang, Xianwen ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Akber, Syed Muhammad Abrar ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Mujlid, Hana ; Ullah, Kaleem Computers 
21-Apr-2023An Efficient Healthcare Data Mining Approach Using Apriori Algorithm: A Case Study of Eye Disorders in Young AdultsGulzar, Kanza ; Ayoob Memon, Muhammad ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Akber, Syed Muhammad Abrar ; Nadeem, Muhammad Asghar Information (Switzerland) 
31-Feb-2023Effective and Efficient DDoS Attack Detection Using Deep Learning Algorithm, Multi-Layer PerceptronAhmed, Sheeraz ; Khan, Zahoor Ali ; Mohsin, Syed Muhammad ; Latif, Shahid ; Aslam, Sheraz ; Mujlid, Hana ; Adil, Muhammad ; Najam, Zeeshan Future Internet