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DIGIPOLS focuses on the intersection of digital technologies and politics. Its mission is to provide a research environment for pursuing cutting-edge, theory-driven empirical research for advancing the study of how digital technologies are impacting our institutions of governance and how politics shapes the development of these technologies.

As an inter-departmental entity, DIGIPOLS pursues an interdisciplinary approach that brings together social scientists and computer scientists conducting complementary research in areas related to DIGIPOLS thematic interests. The lab’s researchers are brought together in the DIGIPOLS Forum, which meets regularly to exchange ideas, discuss best practices and offer strategic input to the four DIGIPOLS research clusters.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Journal
1Jul-2014Social voting advice applications-definitions, challenges, datasets and evaluationTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Katakis, Ioannis ; Mendez, Fernando ; Triga, Vasiliki ; Djouvas, Constantinos IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics 
22019Post-crisis Political Normalisation? The 2018 Presidential Elections in the Republic of CyprusTriga, Vasiliki ; Mendez, Fernando ; Djouvas, Constantinos South European Society and Politics 
311-Apr-2017Parties and Change in the Post-Bailout Cyprus: The May 2016 Parliamentary ElectionsTriga, Vasiliki South European Society and Politics 
411-Jun-2015On the design of social voting recommendation applicationsTsapatsoulis, Nicolas ; Agathokleous, Marilena ; Mendez, Fernando ; Djouvas, Constantinos International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools 
5Jun-2019Filtering Instagram Hashtags through crowdtagging and the HITS algorithmGiannoulakis, Stamatios ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 
6Dec-2016Evaluating the descriptive power of Instagram hashtagsGiannoulakis, Stamatios ; Tsapatsoulis, Nicolas Journal of Innovation in Digital Ecosystems 
7Jul-2020EU Cohesion Policy under the Media Spotlight: Exploring Territorial and Temporal Patterns in News Coverage and ToneMendez, Carlos ; Mendez, Fernando ; Triga, Vasiliki ; Carrascosa, Juan Miguel Journal of Common Market Studies 
82018Cadrages médiatiques de la consultation grecque sur le plan d’aide européen: le référendum cause ou solution de la crise?Milioni, Dimitra L. ; Spyridou, Lia Paschalia ; Triga, Vasiliki Participations