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1Sep-2017Temperature-Dependent Dielectric Properties of Foods during Freezing and ThawingIsaksson, Sven ; Sadot, Mathieu E. ; Da Silva, Ana N. ; Curet, Sébastien ; Rouaud, Olivier ; LeBail, Alain ; Havet, Michel ; Xanthakis, Epameinondas 
215-Nov-2017Microwave Assisted Freezing of VegetablesXanthakis, Epameinondas ; Jha, Piyush Kumar ; Da Silva, Ana N. ; Eliasson, Lovisa ; Isaksson, Sven ; LeBail, Alain ; Ahrne, Lilia 
3Aug-2016Microwave Assisted Blanching and Novel Freezing Methods of FruitsXanthakis, Epameinondas ; Kaunisto, Erik ; Duvernay, M. ; LeBail, Alain ; Ahrne, Lilia