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Lab for Animation Research

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2021States of being+ (2022) experimental animation videoSynnos, Nicos 
225-Feb-2022“Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Seeing the Tree for the Forest”Synnos, Nicos 
3Mar-2023Psychoanalysis & Cinema -Symposium - Screenings and Presentations, Rialto Theatre (Limassol, Cyprus, 24-26 March 2023)Synnos, Nicos 
4Oct-2022Marching OnSynnos, Nicos 
511-Oct-2022Marching OnSynnos, Nicos 
6Jan-2023The LAR Chronicles: Radical Domains of AnimaSynnos, Nicos 
725-Feb-2022“The FOREST”Synnos, Nicos ; Sumarac, Nina