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117-Nov-2021A Qualitative Focus Group Study for the Exploration of Knowledge and Attitudes of Informal Caregivers Toward Breast Cancer: Perceptions of Informal Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals in Three European CountriesTsitsi, Theologia ; Christou, Andri ; Christodoulou-Fella, Maria ; Beccati, Sara ; Boccaletti, Licia ; Palermo, Alessia ; Alves, José ; Lima Teixeira, Ana Ruth ; Charalambous, Andreas Inquiry 
2Sep-2020Health literacy in informal carers in relation to breast cancer prevention: A qualitative research in three European countriesTsitsi, Theologia ; Charalambous, Andreas ; Christodoulou-Fella, Maria ; Christou, Anna ; Alves, Jessica Bentes ; Lima Teixeira, Ana Ruth ; Boccaletti, Licia ; Beccati, S. ; Tagliani, Mauro ; Palermo, Adalgisa Annals of Oncology