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11-Dec-2018Robust nonfullerene solar cells approaching unity external quantum efficiency enabled by suppression of geminate recombinationTan, Ching Hong ; Gasparini, Nicola ; McCulloch, Iain ; Durrant, James R. ; Brabec, Christoph J. ; Hamid, Zeinab ; Song, Xin ; Wadsworth, Andrew ; Baran, Derya ; Wehbe, Nimer ; Kirchartz, Thomas ; Neophytou, Marios ; Zhang, Weimin Nature Communications 
21-Mar-2017Reducing the efficiency-stability-cost gap of organic photovoltaics with highly efficient and stable small molecule acceptor ternary solar cellsGasparini, Nicola; McCulloch, Iain; Emmott, Christopher J.M. ; Baran, Derya; Hanifi, David A. ; Nelson, Jenny; Lockett, Sarah ; Holliday, Sarah ; Amassian, Aram ; Abdelsamie, Maged ; Ashraf, Raja Shahid ; Röhr, Jason A. ; Durrant, James R.; Brabec, Christoph J.; Salleo, Alberto; Wadsworth, Andrew ; Neophytou, Marios ; Kirchartz, Thomas Nature materials 
32012Effect of pH on the formation of disinfection byproducts in swimming pool water - is less thm better?Willach, Sarah ; Hansen, Kamilla M S ; Mosbæk, Hans ; Albrechtsen, Hans-Jørgen ; Andersen, Henrik Rasmus ; Antoniou, Maria G.