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1Nov-2007The use of an oil-absorber-bioscrubber system during biodegradation of sequentially alternating loadings of 1,2-dichloroethane and fluorobenzene in a waste gasKoutinas, Michalis ; Baptista, Inês I.R. ; Meniconi, Andrea ; Peeva, Ludmila G. ; Mantalaris, Athanasios A. ; Castro, Paula M. L. ; Livingston, Andrew G Chemical Engineering Science 
2Jun-2020SuperCLASS -- I. The Super CLuster Assisted Shear Survey: Project overview and Data Release 1Battye, Richard A. ; Brown, Michael L. ; Casey, Caitlin M. ; Harrison, Ian ; Jackson, Neal J.F. ; Smail, Ian R. ; Watson, Robert A. ; Hales, Christopher A. ; Manning, Sinclaire M. ; Hung, Chao-Ling ; Riseley, Christopher John ; Abdalla, Fillipe Batoni ; Birkinshaw, Mark ; Demetroullas, Constantinos ; Chapman, Scott ; Beswick, Robert J. ; Muxlow, Thomas W.B. ; Bonaldi, Anna ; Camera, Stefano ; Hillier, Tom ; Kay, Scott T. ; Peters, Aaron ; Sanders, David B. ; Thomas, Daniel B. ; Thomson, Alasdair P. ; Tunbridge, Ben ; Whittaker, Lee Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society