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115-Jul-2015Structure and properties of the catalytic site of nitric oxide reductase at ambient temperatureDaskalakis, Vangelis ; Ohta, Takehiro ; Kitagawa, Teizo ; Varotsis, Constantinos Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Bioenergetics 
230-May-2013The protein effect in the structure of two ferryl-oxo intermediates at the same oxidation level in the heme copper binuclear center of cytochrome c oxidasePinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Daskalakis, Vangelis ; Ohta, Takehiro ; Richter, Oliver Matthias H ; Budiman, Kerstin ; Kitagawa, Teizo ; Ludwig, Bernd ; Varotsis, Constantinos Journal of Biological Chemistry 
328-Apr-2015Nitric oxide activation by caa3 oxidoreductase from Thermus thermophilusOhta, Takehiro ; Soulimane, Tewfik ; Kitagawa, Teizo ; Varotsis, Constantinos Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 
41-Apr-2013Detection of the hyponitrite species (HO-N=N-O) in denitrification: Reactivity of NO with the heme Fe-Cu center of cytochrome caa(3) and the heme Fe -Fe center of Nitric oxide reductaseVarotsis, Constantinos ; Pinakoulaki, Eftychia ; Ohta, Takehiro ; Kitagawa, Teizo The FASEB Journal